From Toots to Trains

Tooting.  It's completely a guy thing (ok maybe not only guys...but for this conversation, its a guy thing).  Yes, I am talking about farts.  But little did I's completely a toddler boy thing too!!  It has now been months that Mr. T will give an extra push when we change his diaper and laugh hysterically about it. 

Even better is when both Mr. T and Gator Guy laugh hysterically when the toot is released during a bath and accompanied by a bubble.  Hilarious (to those two at least).  

And it has been a while now that Mr. T has to announce when he toots.  Every time, he smiles and says "TOOT".  However, the latest train of thought (pun intended) is that Toot sounds a lot like Choo Choo.  

So Now...When Mr. T gives that extra push, bubble in the bath, or just lets out a toot naturally, he yells out "Choo Choo Train!! Choo Choo Train"  Pretty darn Funny I must say myself! 


  1. Hysterical!! & sometimes it is not just a guy thing - I also find it too funny when my little sweets toots in the tub ;)

  2. Sadly my friend... this is only the beginning...

  3. He did that when I was watching him the other day and had to change his diaper! I thought it was just me lol

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