5 Things - 5 Days

1.  I am still on a high about the Bronco's win today against the Chargers.  It reinforces that a close second to watching Jay Cutler fail is watching Philip Rivers do just the same.  My soon-to-be-BFF-Tebow did a fantastic job  (even when allowed to throw.)  I have to give some MAJOR props to that O-Line for letting the T-mister have an eternity in the pocket.  But either way, the win feels great and this season is looking up!!!  

2.  Thanksgiving was amazing.  Family, Food, and Fun...what more could you ask for.  Plus - Gator Guy smoked a Turkey for round two of Thanksgiving on Saturday.  He was up at 6am to begin the process while I slept sound asleep.  Hands down the best turkey I have ever had.  Strong work Gator Guy. Strong Work.
 3.  I totally skipped Black Friday shopping this year.  Probably the first time in quite some time.  For some reason, it just doesn't feel like the Christmas season yet without the hustle and bustle.  Who went out in the wee hours of the night or morning??  Any hot purchases??  I'm a little sad I missed out on 40% off at Banana Republic.  Damn you Banana...why did you not invest in the newspaper advertisement!!  However, I plan on indulging in some Cyber Monday for sure.  Anyone know of any HOT DEALS??  I plan on checking out Sports Authority for gifts, Bath & Body Works for face wash, and Victoria's Secret...well because, Mama needs a new sexy bra. 

4.  I did a sake bomb for my first time at my bestie's bday dinner.  Any "shot" that involves chugging beer is a win in my book.

5.  FIVE MORE DAYS at my current job.  Yes.  Five.  (Stay tuned for the next chapter in my life).


  1. Glad someone's team is on the up and up! I, myself, am packing it in...I'm done with my birds, they've exhausted me!

    And as for Black Friday, this was my first year going out but I only went along for the ride...we got a late start (7:30) and missed all the crazies, I was so disappointed!

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