Dear 4th Quarter Broncos,

You are well worth the wait.  In fact, I sounded like a man this morning due to screaming my head off during our time together last night.  And also during that final minute of regular play, I  turned to Gator Guy and said, "I'm not quite sure when it happened, but I'm pretty sure I slightly peed my pants."  

Now that's a Bronco fan. 


  1. Such a great game!

  2. ok. I was wondering when you were going to come by and talk shit to me and ask me if I had switched from the CainTrain to the TebowExpress. lol. Since finding out he was a homeschool boy, I became a small fan of his hoping he does well. I have to say with me being one of the trash talkers, I am glad to see him doing OK and his TEAM winning. He has given them a huge lift. Now I have to say that he wasnt the reason they beat the Bears but he won those other games and when it comes down to it......I have to say HE WINS. May not be pretty but he gets the W's and thats what matters. But, he is no MATTY ICE. Did this long ass comment answer your question.

    And by the way Welcome to your 30's and I am about to leave them and enter my 40's ....Happy Birthday. Hope you, the BIG Gator and the Little Gator have a great Christmas

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