Holy Denim

It's hard to believe there was a moment where these two looked in the mirror on this day and said, "Damn. We are lookin HOT!"

Couples Working Out

Gator Guy and I both work out. It is a part of our weekly routine. He's definitely more consistent. Like crazy consistent. Never misses a day!! But there's one thing I love about our dedication to it.

We will never be this couple. Seriously, seeing this picture makes me want to gag. I'm sorry if this is your workout routine... Actually I'm not sorry at all. My advice to you is to spend one hour apart. You can do it. You can both be there and maybe even give a wink. But couples touching each other at the gym is just as bad as the students in the hallways that make out as if one is going off to war. It's one class ladies and gents. 90 min. You will live without you boyfriend that you will probably break up with in a month anyway.

Irish Yoga


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