Let's Compare Ginormous Bellies

Belly with Mr T on the left. Belly with baby Girl on the right. 

Lets conclude the following: 
My hair is better this time. 
Going on bed rest for 7 weeks (with Mr T on the left) really does pack on the pound in the face. 
So much in fact I clearly didn't want to take any pics weeks 30-38. 

Wish us luck tomorrow. Yay for inducing!!  Always a plus for the ultimate planner. 


We are having a baby tomorrow!! I just know that this little girl is already a planner and wanted to just wait until the scheduled induce time! 

Can't wait to hold her!!

Life is Good When it is Football Season

Yesterday brings a level of excitement that I look forward to every year. It's the start of college football!! NFL is right around the corner and soon I will be drinking pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin beers. It's really my favorite time of year. 

This year it's even more intense. I don't know if it is mostly because I've been counting down to the beginning of October ever since we found out our due date. But I also seem to have almost a CRAVING for college football. 

Does anyone else experience this? Maybe not the football part, but crave things during pregnancy that are not food related. 

For me, I have had a series of cravings. First it was Pink. I usually didn't wear the color, but for the past 3 trimesters I just can't get enough from my clothes, toe nails, and accessories. Don't worry, my ultimate favorite color will always be orange!

I have also found myself CRAVING different music. I've always had quite the wide range of songs set up in my playlists. But this was different.
First trimester I wanted anything 80s. Love jams, rock, pop...just had to be 80s. 

Second trimester was all about Country. Just good ol knee smackin country. And the third trimester has been a combination to hard rock and pretty hard core rap. Yes, I can get down with that. Perhaps I am just trying to get whatever adrenaline rush I can get to keep the energy. 

ONE Month

Today is September 1st. A day I have been looking forward to for so long. September is not that far from October!! And waking up each day in August, the voice in my head would say "OCTOBER....effing OCTOBER. SO FAR AWAY!!" 

But now because this baby is ginormous (as in 99 percentile big) we have a set induce date of October 1st. Which mean the precious "1" means a lot. In at least ONE month, our baby girl will be here. One month. I can do this. I can last until October 1st. One month. 

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