Top 15 Light Rail Songs

I think there should be music on the Light Rail.  A DJ in fact.  And that DJ, should be me!  It would make everyone's morning just that much better if we all had some awesome jams to listen to.  But not too awesome that we would all get wired up for the day and then just crash before lunch.  Just some nices jams that let us relax and ponder what the day will be like (or day dream about the next Erin Andrews.)

My Top 15 Light Rail Songs:
  1. The Story - Brandi Carlile (I love this song for many reasons.  One, it is just a beautiful song.  But two, it was the very song that ESPN played during a story about Joe Paterno that brought on the pregnancy water works in an instant.  I heart you, Papa Joe)
  2. Glory Days - Bruce Sprinsteen (Just who isn't living or reminiscing their glory days?!?)
  3. We're Young and Beautiful - Carrie Underwood  (Gator Guy has a major crush on Carrie Underwood, as any man should.  And for some reason this is the song that I really believe I can sound just like her.  Only in my own world, but makes me just want to Belt it out.)
  4. Hook - Blues Traveler (Every time we hear this song, Gator Guy just has to say, "Damn this is a good song."  So why now listen to the Damn Good Song first thing in the morning)
  5. It's Alright - Big Head Todd and the Monsters (Well's alright)
  6. Down on the Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Obviously any day is a good day when you can start it out with a little CCR)
  7. Vision of Love - Mariah Carey (Don't you just miss the old days when Mariah could rock the high notes?  Because I sure do) 
  8. Suspicious Minds - Elvis (I love Elvis.  And this song is just enough Elvis to listen to that won't cause me to get up and shake my hips.)
  9. Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson  (MJ totally had to listen to this first thing in the morning.)
  10. Kandi - One eskimO  (Can't you just picture it??  Stage just like MTV's Unplugged and I am  the one singing, "he called me babe"...and playing the tamborine)
  11. Bright Side of the Road - Van Morrison (Van is the Man.  Enough said)
  12. Raindrops from the Sun - Imani Coppola  (I imagine myself in a commerical for this one, perhaps drinking a light beer with butterflies and rainbows everywhere.)
  13. Ok, It's Alright With Me - Eric Hutchinson (Love this guy.  He makes me want to seize the day)
  14. Stuck in the Middle With You - Steelers Wheel  ("Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am."   I can't help but laugh at this one and think of the Dude and Gal sitting next to me.)
  15. Juciy - Better Than Ezra (Because you have to end the train ride with a good theme song for the day.  Today, this was it.  It is on my movie sound track as I strut up to the office.)

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  1. Am a huge BTE fan!! And Big Head Todd... reminds me of college.

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