Let It Be

This was the last song in yoga class this morning, not only is it just relaxing and a classic...but it is just so fitting for today.  Thanks Beatles, you never get old.

Request for Vibes

Tomorrow my Beautiful Niece goes in for brain surgery.  Such scary words those two....Brain. Surgery.  And it is definitely scary.  She has Chiari Malformation.  You can read more on the MayoClinic website.  But really as I think about everything, I realize how strong she is. 

I had the privilege to go out to dinner with her on Friday.  Our two and a half hours at dinner were filled with some many laughs and stories, that it just makes me so happy to be around her.  I just can't say enough how proud I am of that girl and how she is handling everything. 

So basically, this post is a Request for Vibes.  I am such a strong believer of positive vibes....whether it is prayers, thoughts, or energy...it is all so incredibly helpful.  So feel free to send some over to my Dearest Niece. 

Happy Bach Monday

That's right...Happy Bach Monday's are back!!!  But I have mixed emotions about this one.

My excitement is mostly due to the fact that I will see Chris Harrison's smiling face tonight. 

However, I am a little nervous to see just  how annoying Ashley will be.  

Will she continue to jump around like a little Jack Russel Terrier?  Will she get total drunk eyes like she did with Brad?  Will her extra white teeth continue to be blinding at times?  And just how many times are we going to talk about Brad and how it was to be on the other side?  

I know....I have a lot of doubts about tonight.  Hopefully ABC and my boy Chris will not disappoint.  

PS...here's a list of the updated Roster:

Ames, 31, a portfolio manager from New York, NY
Anthony, 28, a butcher from Wyckoff, NJ
Ben C., 28, a lawyer from New Orleans, LA
Ben F., 28, a winemaker from Sonoma, CA
Bentley, 28, a businessman from Salt Lake City, UT
Blake, 27, a dentist from Greenville, SC
Chris D., 25, a sports marketing coordinator from Chicago, IL
Chris M. 27, a construction company CEO from Edmonton, Canada
Constantine, 30, a restaurant owner from Atlanta, GA
Frank, 29, a college admissions director from Murfreesboro, TN
Jeff, 35, an entrepreneur from St. Louis, MO ....this guy doesn't have a picture!!  ABC - What does that mean????
Jon, 26, an e-commerce executive from Vancouver, WA
J.P., 34, a construction manager from New York, NY
Lucas, 30, an oilfield equipment distributor from Odessa, TX
Matt, 28, an office supply salesman from Bridgewater, MA
Michael, 29, a technology salesman from San Diego, CA
Mickey, 31, a chef from Cleveland, OH
Nick, 26, a personal trainer from Tampa, FL
Rob, 27, a technology executive from Monroe, MI
Ryan M., 27, a construction estimator from Royal Oak, MI
Ryan P, 31, a solar energy executive from Corona Del Mar, CA
Stephen, 27, a hairstylist from Manhattan Beach, CA
Tim, 35, a liquor distributor from Long Beach, NY
West, 30, a lawyer from Chapin, SC
William, 30, a cellular phone salesman from Galloway, OH

Fork in the Disposal

You know its a viral video when Mr. T knows the dance from my totally hip and beautiful nieces.  Too funny and quite histerical I must say so myself. 

Kickin' It

Mr. T is loving soccer so far!!  It hasn't exactly been the "games" we thought it would be, but definitely has been a good time.  And I'm pretty sure his favorite part is snack time at the end!  
Either way...he's got one heck of a kick!  

A Royal Gift

I'm thinking about sending Will & Kate a wedding gift.  Do you think that they already own The Prince & Me? Because if not, I think I will be a total BFF just for the kind act of awesomeness. 

Can any of you admit to actually watching this one?  Because I sure have.  And loved it.  And once I heard of Dub and Kay's story, I knew I had heard it before.  Perhaps their future is already mapped out in The Prince & Me Two.
Or better yet....The Prince & Me THREE.  Yes, someone actually invested a money on this trilogy.  
Ps...the dress was to die for, right?  I think we can all agree on that one. 

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