3 Things that Annoy Me

Sorry moms if this is totally you, but there are three things that just annoy me like crazy. 

1. Wreaths - yes I am addicted to Pinterest just like most of us.  But I totally do not get the wreath thing.  I think they are ugly and make me feel like those who have them are working to earn badges on their sashes. 
20 Gorgeous DIY Wreaths..
2. Family Bumper Stickers - I really don't care how many kids you have.  And when it is more than 3, it is pretty obvious with your van.  Please Mr. T and future baby girl - do not ever buy me one of these.  I will NOT put it on my car. 

3. Paint Chip Crafts - This is stealing, right?  I mean where is everyone getting these paint cards?  Did you really use these to pick the perfect color in your room?  Or are you raiding the nearest Lowes and Home Depot to make your craft of the month?  
 Reused Paint sample cards

Some Days Just Require

At least 3 naps....for Mama.  That is what today has consisted of. 

Best quote of the day (which is probably a direct quote from me) is when Mr. T came up and said, "Mama, pregnancy is hard, huh?".

Damn straight its hard.  Damn straight. 


Mr. T is playing baseball and on a real team.  Not like soccer that we tried and it was more of a an activity with parents and kids running through hula hoops.  The real deal.  It is still of course chaos with 4-year-olds running to the wrong bases, throwing the ball at each other instead of tagging with their mitt, and kids getting tired and sitting down.  But it is so much fun and I know it is just the beginning.  

What really annoys me is snack.  Obviously some parents complained before the season started and said they did not want to do a team snack due to allergies, junk food....or whatever.  I responded saying I didn't care one way or another.  But now the truth is...I totally care.  

I WANT SNACK TIME.  Instead, each week we pack (or forget to pack) a little snack just for Mr. T.  Where as before, it would have just been our duty for one week.  But that is not my biggest issue.  It really comes down to bonding.  Not that Mr. T needs more friends at this point, but to be honest, I hardly know any of the kids on the team.  Their jerseys do not have names and the parents just sit in their camping chairs and do not really mingle.  Personally, I do not need any new friends either.  But when Mr. T finishes a game and has no idea who he played with, it simply just annoys me.  

Am I asking that we all feed peanuts to each other and hope that no kid needs to inject any needles???  No.  Back in my soccer days it was orange slices and juice at half time.  EVERY TIME.  and I loved it!!  We all loved it.  Seriously....is it that hard to cut up oranges?  Or will some be offended that they are perhaps not organic.  Get over it.  If these kids are going to learn how to play on a team, they need to bond and know who the heck their teammates are.  And just like the reality in the adult world...bonding occurs over food (and drinks).  

Oh...just my little rant.  Because guess what I am about to pack up right now??? 

Mr. T's SINGLE snack.  

Summer Cuddles

One if my favorite things about summer is getting extra cuddle time in the morning with this not-so-little-anymore boy. 
I just love him to pieces.

Must Haves for 2nd Trimester

1. Old Navy Tank Tops - These are a life saver for the wardrobe.  I have one in practically every color and wear them every day.  They are actually from the normal section.  Normal....makes me feel so much better and less of a huge whale.
2.  Sunscreen - I don't know about you, but I burn sooooo easily while pregnant.  However, I am making the switch to lotion SPF because I am apparently an idiot when it comes to spraying.  So far my zebra burns are not looking so great. 
3. Orange Gatorade - This is my number one craving.  I dream about orange Gatorade.  I wake up thinking about orange Gatorade.  I keep our fridge stalked of the good stuff.  I just can't get enough.  Luckily my students figured out that bringing me a bottle of orange gold was the quickest way to suck up to me!!

4. Slushi Machine - Quite the life saver for both a 4 year old and a pregnant mama during these hot summer days.  
5. Mahjong - Yes, I am an 80 year old women at heart and love to play Mahjong.  It let's me zone out on those nights (aka, 6 or 7pm in the evening) that I just can't get comfortable.  Don't worry, I was totally addicted to this super awesome game in college too.  I was really cool. 

6. Bio Oil - I bought a small little bottle of this not knowing if I would like it.  I freaking LOVE it.  I put it on twice a day on the huge bump and lower back.  I also put it on my zebra sun burns since I am an idiot with spray sunscreen.  Works like a charm.  

7. Body Butter - I am loving the smell of coconut.  Non-pregnant, I can't stand lotions that are too fruity or flowery.  But this one smells like a dream to me.  I lather it on all over twice a day and I smell like a walking pina colada.  Perhaps that is the appeal. 

8. Wedge Pillow - My belly sits low and out.  (Feel like that should be a rap song.)  And it is a necessity that I wedge a pillow underneath at night.  Right now the pillow count is to 5.  Poor gator guy just knows to not even question my pillow madness.   

9. Target - ummm....do I need to say anything more???

10. To Do Lists - I freaking forget everything.  Seriously everything.  So I have to make a to-do list each day.  Yes, I will even put "Take a Shower" as it is one of those things that just doesn't get done very often in the summer.  

The Baby Cage

This is a Baby Cage. Used in 1937 for families that didn't have a yard/garden to play in but still wanted fresh air for their children. Seriously Baby Cage inventor...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot were you thinking?? I know sometimes I feel we have too many sanitizers, safe guards, and participation trophies these days, but I'm glad we have move away from the Baby Cage.

21 Weeks and So Far To Go

So I am terrible at posting any updates but here's the last pic I took of the expanding belly on May 31 at 21 weeks. (Reminder to self...take more pictures so I can remember everything!!) 

I will also be completely honest....I look all happy in this pic, but pregnancy sucks!!!  I know there are many women who just love being pregnant.  But I am definitely not one of them.  It is very hard to see my body change, to not have the energy I normally do, and thankfully I can feel kicks on a consistent basis now which keeps me in those giddy moods.  Yes...I know the end result is all worth it.  And perhaps this is just a bad day for me, but I do find a little relief knowing that this is our last.  However, it is the October 8th due date that seems SO FAR AWAY!!!!

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