Must Haves for Potty Training in One Day

1.  The Build Up - We talked about his Big Boy Potty Day for quite some time.  Discussed how he is now three and does not need diapers anymore.  I felt like there definitely was more of a difference this last month talking about it than if we tried any earlier. 

2.  Patience - and a free schedule of going no where.  Seriously, going potty takes time.  Especially when you do it 40 million times in one day and that is all you talk about!!!

3.  Big Boy Underwear - We picked out his underwear with nothing else but Lightning McQueen on it.  He instantly fell in love. 
4.  Potty Seat - In case you didn't see the theme here, Mr. T now has a couple of Cars potty seats.  They are "very cool" as he says and also has the very necessary pee guard for boys.   


5.  Potty in One Day Doll - It was an old school method (thanks to my neighbor), but I think it really helped for Mr. T to see that the doll had to go and especially what happens when she has an accident.
6.  Salty Snacks - Nothing makes a boy (or Mama) more thirsty than some salt & vinegar chips and dill pickle pringles. 

7.  Sugary Drinks - This one is a two fold.  First, to get as many liquids down as possible.  The sugar taste makes it more fun to drink than just water.  Second, the sugary drink doesn't really satisfy the thirst as well as water, gatorade or natural juice.  So keep those fluids flowing!!!

8.   Candy to reward each and every potty trip - Not much else to say about that.  Mr. T loves any kind of candy or food.   

9.  A BFF to bring over lunch and have a dance (and yoga pose) break - What a lifesaver my Dearest E and Best Buddy P was today.  The sandwiches, company, and little break for some dancing and down dog moves was just what we needed. 

10.  Potty books - Courtesy of the local library.  However, it makes me wonder how many times these books have been used ON the actual potty around all kinds of kid's pee and poop!!

11.  A Stop Watch - To time the potty every 10 minutes in the morning....then every 15, then 30, and now we are to 45 min.  Exhausting I must say.   

12.  A Potty Dance and Song - We had a few that we tried.   But he thought this one was hilarious. 

13.  Family and Friends to Celebrate - We made a few phone calls and sent some texts today to make sure that it was a big day.  Everyone of course joined in and I'm sure Gator Guy just loved to take a break from finance talk and discuss poop and pee at work  :)


It is P-Day

Yes, Friday is our designated P-Day.  As in Potty Training Day.  Mr. T. is now 3 years old and pretty darn close to being potty trained.  As so, after advice from a neighbor, we are going cold turkey and spending all of Friday talking about nothing but going Potty, drinking a LOT of liquids, and probably having me go a bit crazy.  My hope....have this boy potty trained in one day. 

I know, its a high goal, but I will keep you posted and we shall see the results. 

Just Look at that Belly...


Mind, Body, & Equipment.

When I was pregnant, I would cry at the slightest up lifting sports momentNo Seriously. And for the most part I thought it was just a pregnancy thing.  However, I have to admit that when I first saw the latest commercial from Dick's Sporting Goods, it took everything in me to hold back the tears.  And perhaps there was even a moment while I was home alone where I just let the water works flow as I listened to the Oh-So-Inspiring Rudy soundtrack.  

But either way, this commercial makes me want to train again for another marathon race, pick up a little crossfit, or just find any other way I can to officially become a badass. Smart move, Dick's Sporting Goods...your Mind, Body, and Equipment commercial is genius. 

Nancy and Lindsey

So three things happen when my Dearest E and I have extend our Friday happy hour outside of the home. 

1.  We venture over to a very dark and sometimes depressing dive bar just near our house.  We know that this bar is always dead and yet it always seems like a good idea.

2.  We spend a lot of singles on the juke box playing songs like Whiney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Bell Biv DeVoe.  We are always convinced that everyone else will love our brilliant music selection.  And in fact they do.  Everyone was jammin it out. Except for the old guy asking for Pearl Jam.  Pearl Jam....seriously??  Am I wearing a flannel shirt and doc martins??  No.  I stopped that outfit the day My So Called Life was cancelled. 

3.  We suddenly call ourselves Nancy and Lindsey.  I'm not sure where the names came from.  I think Linds always had that in her back pocket, and mine was just recently created.  But I am beginning to embrace the new alter ego.   

We also tend to text our husbands.  Well....actually Linds always texts Gator Guy to let him know our plan and that we are going to church.  Whatever.  It's pretty funny to us at least at the moment. 

Productive Jam of the Week: Fun - Some Nights

I am loving this song.  It make me want to conquer the world.  Or at least my to-do list.  Here we go Monday.  I am going to dominate you. 


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