Honey Badger Don't Care

A group of my girlfriends have decided to call their gang The Honey Badgers.  Why?  Because the Honey Badger Don't Care.  It Doesn't Give a Shit.  Honey Badger just takes what it wants.  Check out this Must See Viral Video:

I think this is absolutely brilliant.  And all of us should show our inner Honey Badger....because the Honey Badger is Crazy!

I Heart Coffee

Cover Jam - I Try

Here's another Gem of Jam that I am loving right now!  Remake of Macy Gray's "I Try" by Ben Taylor.  Great one to close out the day with. 

Bach Drinking Game:

Determined to make you just as drunk as if you were still in college.


Drink EVERY time that Ashley says Bentley's name.  Yes, I know, this is quite the task.  So if needed, please alternate with your beverage of choice and water.  Best of luck. 

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Gator Guy - The most amazing father and husband!  Thank you for all your love, support, hard work, patience, and for just being you!!  Love you!!

Tenderheart, Oh Honey, and Atreyu

Dear Ryan P.,

You may not know it, but I have found your BFF Bromance.  You and the original Tenderheart, Kasey, are a match made in heaven.

Your classic line of "I am Bursting with a lot of love in my chest." just made feel a little bad for you.  But I suppose that kind of line of rainbows and kittens works on some pretty little lady, right?  I guess we shall see if Ash is that lady.  In the mean time.  I really hope you get a matching tattoo on the show and just one up dear ol' Kasey.  That would make my season.


Dear Ashley,

Oh honey.  Do you watch How I Met Your Mother??  Because you are soooo the "Oh Honey" girl.

You poor thing not seeing through Jack Ass Bentley.  I mean, I guess he did trap you into his fake and jackass game, but this is harder to watch than the Jillian/Wes episodes.  I just could not help to say "Oh Honey" as you mentioned his name on last nights episode....47 times.  I am looking forward to the drama next week.  I just hope that you see his true colors and can turn in your "Oh Honey Badge"


Dear Ben F. & Constaintine, 

I cannot tell the difference between you....

or you....

or you.....

Or hell, even you....

I need name badges.


Thank Goodness for this Monday

Why am I so happy about today?  Because the NBA playoffs are over! FINALLY!  Clearly, I am a sports kind of girl.  Love love love my football, hockey, college hoops, PBR, and getting more into baseball.  But I just can't seem to be even slightly amused by the NBA. 

And so, those that are with me on this one...you can at least be in the know with the big news today

The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title, winning the final game 102-95, and the series 4-2.  Woohoo, Mavs.  Thanks for not letting this one get to game seven.  


Enough said.

Why Hello Timmy & Your Ginormous Biceps

Let me take a moment to compose myself and calm down the blushing and racing heartbeat.  Yes, my Dearest K just sent me this pic of Tebow and boy did that make my day!  (Deep Breath) 

However, I am a little sad that I did not get an invite to play this round with him.  I mean....is he not getting the point that I am his soon-to-be-BFF???  A friend of mine said on FB she was shocked that I haven't sent him connecting BFF necklaces.  I think this will be my next move.

Goodness...not that necklace.  This one.  Only as long as I get to be Be Fri.  Totally better than St Ends.

Cover Jam Time - Hey Ya

Growing up I hated cover songs.  I guess I just always wanted the Original.  The Brand Name.  And now in the days of only buying only Up & Up and Kroger, I just can't seem to get enough of these awesome remakes. 

This week, I am totally digging Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker. 

To All The Bubba's

If you or someone you know is named Bubba, then Today Is Your Day.  I call Mr. T Bubba, and I am stoked to know that he has yet another day in his honor.

So Happy Bubba Day!  And for this reason alone, I shall nickname myself Bubba.

That's What Friends Are For

My Dearest E,

Our friendship is simply amazing. You really know me so well and go out of your way to make me smile.  And more importantly, I appreciate the fact that you do not judge me for drinking a ridiculous amount of microbrew on Saturday night or saying things like e-coin jumping. Because...well, you were right there with me.

And more importantly, I will continue to daydream about how you brought me my very own IPA microbrew to the Track last night as my post run refresher. I think we need to make this a tradition.


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