A Nack for Picking the Loser

Dear One of the Chris', 
You were my favorite on night one.  Actually, even before that when I stalked the ABC.com website to get a first look at the new 25 h-o-t guys.   And you probably scored points with me because you are the closest of the guys to my dear Gator Guy.  But you didn't even make it past the second week.  You didn't even get any air time.  We never learned whether you moved to Paris, played baseball, are insecure about wearing a speed-o, or if you were "dangerous".  Nadda.  Instead, we were just left with your sweet smile on a night full of Adult Bully D-Bag Drama. 

But Chris, there's even another reason I am more sad that you are gone.  You leaving and not getting a rose means that My Streak is done.  You see...during the first season of the Bach...I chose Trista.  Straight out of the limo, I picked the mousy voiced NBA Dancer. I had even picked Ryan during Trista's season, but let's be honest, I just have to support those Colorado Boys!  And then I picked Brooke, the cute little gal from the south in season 2 with Aaron.

I chose Deanna on the first night with Womack and cheered to keep watching her bluntness even with how cute and down-to-earth Jenni was.  And before "The Mesnick" made an appearance again and again (which is when a grown man buckles down and lets the water works flow while hunched over a balcolny or some sort of ledge), I thought Sleepless in Seattle was the ONE for Ms. D.  

And then just last season, like many of us Bach fans out there, I picked the girl next door in yellow to be the ONE for Jake.  Ali may have not come in with a silver medal, and I didn't pick the runner up each and every season, but I gotta say, the odds are there.  I mean...I should take these odds to Vegas or something.  Or it just means that I have a nack for picking the Loser, and should stay away from all gambling what-so-ever.  But either way, I conclude tonight knowing that I have lost my touch.  Well...at least for this season.   

And so, One of the Chris', your departure makes me oh-so-sad.  So keep on with that sweet smile.  And its just too bad that ABC just had you picked for a filler.  

Dear ABC,
Can I please get sub-titles for Kasey??  For some reason, I cannot understand a  single word that comes out of this guys mouth.  I am just waiting to hear that he has a speech impediment, for which I will then be going to hell for, but until then...Kasey, if you and I crossed paths some day...We would need a translator.  Can you help me out Chris Harrison?


Beep Beep....Watch Out, Mama Driver comin through

So this weekend as Mr. T was in one of his most whiny moods,  I decided to just get the heck out of the house...and headed to the nearest Old Navy to take advantage of their Flip-Flops-For-A-Dollar sale.  After shopping around in chaos (yes these $1 Flip Flops were quite the HOT item) and not even buying the damn Flops because they were all gone, I got in my car, with Whiny Mr. T...proceeded to back out of the parking spot...and Oh Shit!  I backed  right into a silver car soon to be Old Navy Shopper waiting for a parking spot.  

How the hell did this happen?  When did I become that Mom Driver??  I swear I don't do my make up while driving.  And sure as hell do not have one of these bumper stickers on my car.  I do not get why people feel the need to post on the back of their car the fact that they have 14 children, 4 dogs, and 2 cats. 

But, most of you will not be surprised that on the back of my SUV are these two stickers:

And as I wonder why people put the hideous stick figure families on their bumpers, I never in my wildest dreams thought that mine would save me a police call.  That's right.  Just as me and Silver-Car-Old-Navy-Shopper were debating on whether to call the cops or not,  she looked at my car and asked, "Are you a Gator Fan??"  

What?  Am I a Gator fan??  Is this going to save me?  The Gator Gods have spoken and shined down on Kat this day.  "Why yes, we are huge Gator fans."  And then we proceeded to talk about how they were from FL and how excited we all are to have Tebow here in Denver.    No cops were called.  And the conversation ended with a big smile. 

Thank you Gator Gods.  Thank you.  Go Gators.

Golly Gee....I'll try not to gag

Yes it is true.  I just heard that Cheesy-Golly-Gee-Jake and crazy-Vienna will be dancing on the season finale of Dancing with the Stars tonight. I am speechless.  Not sure how to take it.  But more than anything will watch and try not to gag.  (And ps...it really is even more sad that Tenley was not The One for Jake.  After all.... The girl Loves to dance.  She Lives to dance.  Dancing makes her heart sing.  Too bad Tenley.  Too bad.)

I must say that I am definitely now hooked after this was my first season actually watching Dancing with the Stars...Or as many have called the show now...Dancing with the Dancers.  I mean come on...Ice DANCER Evan (who's dances I fast forward through every time, except for the free style when he looks like a lanky fool), and Professional booty shaker, Nicole are in the finales...Shocker.  Yes Nicole is entertaining and really is the best one out there.  But I like the underdog. 

And so, I continue to cheer on the Gator Girl Erin and hope that she not only takes the crown, but that her and Maks finally make their love affair public.  I mean, come on....They HAVE to be dating with that kind of chemistry and "bed dancing" they did last night.  (Last night on the show of course.  I have no report of what happened after the show!)

I will also be cheering for Jake to drop Vienna.  I know...I am terrible.  But you are either the person that watches figure skating covering your eyes in fear that someone is dropped ,or the person that kind of likes to watch the fall unfold and replay Miss America falling on the catwalk...again, and again.  Yes....I am terrible. 

I Can Do Anything Good.

I didn't set an official goal this month, since I would say May was dedicated to the marathon.  But I will now take a tip from the young, gifted & talented Miss Jessica and Like everything in my life!  Not to mention this is just so darn cute and hilarious! 

I Finally Crossed That Line

It was 26.2 miles of Hard Work, Sweat, Pain, Joy, and Satisfaction. Satisfaction because I am pleased and Proud. I figured I would beat myself up over my time (well let's be honest, I still do just a little bit). But I am about 90% Proud and 10% wish-I-could-have-done-more. Ask me on a different day and those percentages might change, but that's just the nature of being uber competitive.

This marathon was different than my first. This training was Oh-so-freaking-HARD. I had a hard time on most my long runs both physically and mentally.  Kudos to all you mom's out there (like Heather who I admire with each blog post) that work your butt off in the office, wear your super cape around the house, while you tend to the kids, cook for the hubby, AND train like a rock star. I had a hard time with that balance and had a hard time keeping my head positive. But looking back, I am happy that I finished and it felt so good to be done!!

The Colorado Marathon started at 6:00am. Wanna know what time that required me and Gator Guy to set our alarm for? 3:15 in the A-freaking-M!! If only Rob Thomas could have serenaded me with his Matchbox's classic, "Its 3AM".  But I'm pretty sure he didn't intend for 3AM to be spent eating breakfast and putting on all the Gear. We left the hotel at 4AM, and I was on the bus by 4:15AM. The ride to the start was about 45 minutes, and I thought, HOLY CRAP this is a long drive up this canyon road....and I have to run ALL the way back!!  Take. A. Deep. Breath.

Even though it was still dark when we arrived to the Start Line, starting this early actually was great. It meant that we saw the sunrise and it wasn't too hot by the time we finished. In fact, it was 32 degrees at the start and 68 degrees at the finish. (Only that kind of mercury swing happens in Colo "rad" o).
The course was BEAUTIFUL, and fast. It is the number one qualifying race for Boston, which meant that there was a lot of people that kicked my butt and then some. But I tried to soak up some of the dedicated energy that they had left on the trail hours before me.

As for my performance....it was rough. Previously, I had talked about my Poise. When really...I was ok in that department. However, my other "track" chose to fail me and I spent a total of at least 17 minutes waiting in line and going to the bathroom. YIKES. Not my idea of a good way to run a race.

I have to say that most runners are crazy.  Crazy about our Time.  We constantly have to know our pace, know our finish prediction, and once one race is completed...its on to the next to beat that time.  When I started training in January I was sure that I would run a sub 4:20:00.  But as my training runs became longer and harder...And my head just wasn't in the Game like I had wanted it to be, I learned to drop my expectations.  I set what I thought was a major cushion of "If I finish under 5 hours, I will be just fine". When really I thought, "I'll probably finish under 4:45 and hopefully under 4:30". So when I crossed the line just at 5 hours (well 4:59:22 to be exact), I had thought I would be upset.
But instead, I was Proud. Actually Proud of myself. Because I had known that the last 26.2 miles officially kicked my ass!! I was Proud that I finished and was even more Proud to have my family on the sidelines cheering me on.  I heard the announcer say my name as I neared the finish line, threw my arms up with joy and I felt Oh-So-Proud.

On a day like this....

It's little laugh from Mr. T and Gator Guy that just make my day. 

All Geared Up...And READY to Go

I am READY.  READY to Rock and roll. 

Well, aside from the fact that I am sitting with my foot elevated with an icepack on my ankle.  Yes...I avoided heels all week Just. In. Case., when in fact all it took was me walking out of my garage to get some dinner tonight... and here I am, nervous as all heck and hoping there's no swelling or stiffness tomorrow.  For The Love!!

But don't you worry (inner self, Kat)  I will be READY.  I will Rock this Race.  Because I will Rock.  Rock it like a Hurricane (ooo, good song, I should add that one to the playlist.

Must Haves for my Marathon:

1.  Good JAMS - Yes, thank you for all the ideas on songs.  I also got some great ones on facebook and I am ready to Jam it Out (or Punch someone in the face with some of these screamers).  But either way, I am READY. 

2.  GEAR - I can't tell you enough how much I love all my running gear.  I started training in January, and so the Colorado winter and spring gave me some COLD runs.  But I loaded up all the best Under Armour COLDgear, and I became ready for anything Mother Nature sends my way.  Good news, is Sunday will be about 35 degrees when we begin (at 6AM) and 65 when we finish.  Thank you Kathy Sabine, because that's the best running forecast I could ask for.  
Marathon Gear

3.  Running Pack - Ok, so my running pack doesn't exactly look like this Fanny Pack (or Butt Pack as My Dad calls is), but it serves the same purpose.  To carry the essentials.  Chapstick, ID, Poise (listed below), Gu Gels, and my cell phone.


4.  Nike iPod Sport Kit - This may not be as accurate as a GPS device, but there's nothing better than Lance Armstrong coming on and saying, "Congratulations, you just completed your longest run yet.  You Rock Kat!!"  (Ok, he doesn't say that I Rock, but I know he's thinking it.....I love you Lance)

5.  The Unfortunate Poise - that's right, I have had an encounter with Poise Pads once before.  And little did I know that they would some day be used.  But leave it up to mother nature and the miracle of child birth to leave me with very little control of my bladder.  But the good news...I have already finished one race with completely wetting my pants as I crossed the finish line (yes, this is sadly true) and so I can slap a smile on my face if it were to happen for the Big One.  But Just In Case... I added the Pad, and picked up on a trick of pouring water all over myself if it should happen again.  Damn you Poise.  Damn you.  

So even though I leave it on that very TMI (Too Much Information) note, I will have to say (because I have to say to myself yet again), I am READY.  I am READY to run 26.2 miles.  I am READY to Rock It Like a Hurricane.  

Check out the course:

Need your help for some new JAMS:

Alright everyone...in SIX days I am running a marathon.  (My second marathon....first post-baby marathon), and I am in need of some new JAMS to listen to and get me through those 26.2 miles.

So give me your ideas.  What songs keep you moving?  What songs get you all pumped up and ready to go??  I seriously like everything from ACDC to Run DMC to Britney.  Here's a few from my playlist just to give you an idea of my randomness:

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Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Who's the cutest of them all:

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