Picking Your Team

Gettin Hitched:

I seriously think dating is like a sport. (I will refer specifically to dating later.) But getting engaged is just like picking your team. And no, not which team you play for because hopefully you are aware of that by the time you are looking to get hitched. I think it is like when a new head coach is picking out his coaching staff. Think about it, every relationship has a head coach. Someone who is more dominate or "wears the pants" as they say. For us, that is Me...Coach Kat. And the main reason I know this is, is because I am the one admitting it. A head coach knows he or she is the head coach, no questions about it. (So wipe off that smile and give me twenty!) Head coaches also tend to have a little more drama (and yes, I will admit I bring on the drama) whether it is spitting like Cowher, throwing a hissy fit like Gruden, or turning beat red like Shanahan. These coaches are intense, but are also damn good at what they do. (Minus Gruden of course...but I just had to make fun of Chucky.)

However, every head coach needs an offensive coordinator. Without that someone right by their side, it will make for a very long and tough season. And in my 4 years of marriage, I have come to realize that the offensive coordinator really calls ALL the shots. So even though I may "wear the pants" (or cut off hoodie if you are Belichick) I really refer to my offensive coordinator on basically all decisions. Get em Kubiak!

The Big Game
Like most couples I know, it is really not a surprise that the proposal is coming. Most of us girls demand that we have a say in what the ring looks like because one, it is on our finger for the rest of our life. And two - we know there was a piece of jewelry that your man picked out for you on his own and you oh-so-politely put it on while wondering if he bought it at walmart with his grandmother. But once he does get down on one knee, states your full name, and asks you to spend the rest of your lives together....it is game time!

The Draft
Time to pick out those bridesmaids. The women in your life that have been there through it all, came to your halloween soccer parties, helped you throw your first keggers when your parents were at "the land", went shopping with you when you came back from the land down under 5 sizes too big, sang concert style to love ballades before practicing beer pong, and laughed their hardest during the "hunchback" nights. Its a big decision on who you will pick. I of course, couldn't limit it to just a few and had 7. And still managed to piss off a few others. Either way, Rule #1 - Just because you were in someone's wedding, does NOT mean that they need to be in yours. Especially if that wedding was the "worst wedding ever". More on that disaster later.

Ready to roll...

So here it is...a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Marriage, pregnancy, babies, exercising, football, girlfriends, dogs, drama, family, working moms, beer, reality TV...and just life. At first I thought I would share mostly pregnancy stories, but why not add it all. As I read books and researched online, I felt prepared for the big L&D (Labor & Delivery).

I felt like, people do this all the time and have done this since the beginning of time. (well depending on what you believe here). But either way, tiny teenage girls are having babies every day...how hard can it be?!? Yeah freaking right....from morning sickness to charlie horses to the days that were not talked about after labor, I thought "WTF?" I didn't know it was seriously like this!! There are some that want to be in the dark. Those that say...don't tell me or else I will never have children.

Not me. I want it out on the table. Give it to me straight. Always gotta have a game plan. So here I am...being as honest as I can be. I might have already scared some of my girls from ever procreating, but hey, at least they won't be surprised.

But really...topics will be just anything that is on my mind. And those that know me...know that it can be quite random. I do not by any means consider myself an expert on anything posted on this site. It is merely a way for me to send out my thoughts...and to hop on the new trend of blogging. But thanks for reading!

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