Now it's Mommy

It's official.  My little baby isn't a baby any more.  I know he's been a toddler for some time now and he will celebrate his 2nd birthday in a matter of weeks.  But yesterday he called me Mommy and it just broke my heart.  To him, I was always Mama.  And every time he said Mama, it just melted my heart.  (Even when it was repeated over and over and over and over.)

Why is this such a heartbreaker??  Because Mommy is just one step closer to Mom.  And then closer to Mother.  And then he will soon be a teenager and calling me by my real name or what ever word comes to mind, or maybe even nothing at all.  Whoa....slow down time.  Please!!!  Because I just can't handle my little baby to grow up so fast!!!

Pure Randomness

I love music.  ALL kinds of music.  And I had to laugh a little as I looked at the new Jams that I just downloaded on iTunes.  Helllooooo Randomness!!  Oh how I LOVE you!!! 

So check out the new Jams that I will be Jammin out to.  I go through phases where I will listen to some of my new Jams over and over.  Dance around the house when no one is looking.  Perhaps jump up on the bed.  Anyone else?? 

What are you listening to now??  I will be ecstatic if we have some overlap!

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Sooo Excited

Leaving tomorrow for a fun filled BFFs weekend to visit my Dearest A in Cali.  Cannot freaking wait!!!

Na Na Na Na....Hey Hey Hey...Goodbye

It's about freaking time.  Seriously Brad, why did you take so long to kick this one to the curb?  Oh that's right...because you had a season full of fillers.  (Fillers are girls like Britt that are just there because ABC says you have to have a certain amount of girls.  Fillers.)  

So thank you Brad.  I am so glad to see Michelle and her drawn in eyebrows and crazy games hit the road. 

Ready....cue in the Jam:

Learn How to Park

Today I got to my car to find this:

And as this poor person was probably enraged while searching for a piece of paper and pen to write such a beautifully scripted message... I simply looked at this note....and laughed...out loud.  

The best part...I am not alone.  Here's a note that was left on Gator Guy's car this summer.  We are a match made in heaven.  Perhaps we should start a collection. 

Deep Freeze

I normally hate listening to "summer music" in the winter months.  You know....the jams like Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, CCR, or Colbie Caillat....Those are all meant for BBQing in the back yard or sipping margs on the beach.  But as the nation is in a deep freeze and it was a fridgid -18 degrees as I drove to work today, I gladly welcome a song like this one to dream about the beach and warm weather.  Thanks Mr. A-Z for the warms thoughts.

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