Baby Likes Crow

I felt the first major kick at yoga this weekend in Crow Pose!!  I have felt flutters the last week, but this one was strong and obvious!  I had a huge giddy grin on my face for the rest of class and finally remember that it is these moments that make it so worth it.

Baby Likes Crow and will be all ready for Baby Yoga this fall. 

Pregnant at Prom - 14 Weeks

Well this was a first for me...Pregnant at the Prom. Oh-so-proud. Obviously just a chaperone but still had a great time. The kids all looked fabulous. However it is a must to completely ignore the bumping and grinding in the middle o the dance floor. Your eyes will be forever scarred.

The cutest moment was watching all 750 students do Cupid's shuffle. Boys love this one. I think it's because it has instructions and tells them what to do. Life lesson in there somewhere.

What I Miss Most

Gator Guy is drinking this while we enjoy one of the first 70 degree days. I am Oh-So-Jealous. I know I've done this before but as the school year is coming to a close and summer break is right around the corner...I JUST WANT A BEER!!

The Start of The Bump

This was at 13 weeks. I seriously think that once I announced baby #2 to my coworkers and students my body just let loose and the bump decided to shine.

Three Plus One Equals Four!

So clearly I have lost the priority to blog like it did in my good ol days.  And even though there are realistically only two people that actually read my blog (Thanks Gator Guy and my Bestest E), I realized that it is also how I keep track of everything.  Yes...I rely on my electronic scrap book to find out when my child walked, we went on vacays, and of course highlights of the Bach and Broncos.  

But obviously it is time that I shout out our big announcement....

We are adding another Babe to the Fam!!!  Due Oct 8th and now 15 weeks along!!!

Are You Also Married to Ken??

This outfit was posted on Pinterest and the person said: "OMG This was my favorite summer outfit!!"

All I could think was:
1) Favorite outfit to dress on your favorite Barbie??
2) Is this a real person??
3) No seriously. The tan, the boobs, the everything...this is a real life Barbie!
I am just dying to see her Ken.
4) Please find this girl and put her on the next Bachelor. I promise it will be worth it.

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