Oh My Jacob...

What do you wear to a midnight showing 
of the latest Twilight film, Eclipse??  

That's right.  I really did join all the HITs (Hiiiii, I'm Twelve) complete with my I Heart Jacob shirt and a smile on my face.  Don't worry....I wasn't alone... My Dearest A was by my side sporting her I Love Edward gear. 

And we were joined by 1000s of other Twihards all ready to cheer, laugh, cry, gasp, and squeal at each and every moment of the Vampalicious Flick. 

So was the wait surrounded by estrogen, 3 hours of sleep, and a drowsy work day all worth it???  Y-E-S!!  
And here's why:

1.  The Eye Candy - 

2.  Beautiful Bella - She not only puts on some mascara and brushes her hair...but she has a personality!  A sassy, sexy, fun personality that made it all make sense why the heck these two heart throbs are falling for her.  

3.  ACTION ACTION ACTION.  They were not kidding that this film had the bigger budget to show off the true speed and power of these vamps and wolves.  

4.  The spin offs - You know...the kind that Michael Douglas is now getting his pockets emptied for because his greedy-of-an-ex-wife just wants it all.   The back stories of the other vamps and wolves was great to see and gave more depth to why we love them.

5.  The Romance - Wow, there are definitely some hot scenes in this one.  I personally loved the kiss & make up between Jasper and Alice after they demonstrate what the newborns can do.  Here's just a little teaser:

So whether you are Team Jacob, Team Edward, or just a TwiHard at heart...I hope you all enjoy the newest as much as I did!

At the Stroke of Midnight...

I will not be looking for my glass slipper, 
watching my friends turn to mice, 
or watching my carriage turn into a pumpkin. 

Nor will I be in a deep deep sleep...

No...On this eve.... At Midnight Tonight....
I will be watching this:

And joining the Twihard Moms like this:

Listening to the HIT's (Hiiiii, I'm Twelve) 
scream like this:

And possibly squealing, gasping, 
cheering, or laughing when I see this:

Now if only I could get these cute shirts in time.

Last Minute Goals and 10 Hour Matches

What a day in sports....Here's some more to ask your Sports Lover:

What about that GOAL??
The U.S. needed this game.  Needed it badly.  And it took over the 90 minutes of playing time to determine that win.  Landon Donovan scored the winning goal 45 seconds into the 4 minutes of injury time (Injury Time - in world cup soccer, the clock is not stopped for injuries during the game and instead added at the end.  I like to think that this started because early football players didn't have anyone to man the clock.)  But either way, think of it as scoring in the last inning, under the 2 minute warning, that final buzzer shot.  It may have not been the most spectacular goal or the prettiest, but as Chris Harrison would say, "It was the most dramatic rose ceremony Goal of the season."  I mean look at these guys, you just have to smile and feel warm and fuzzy looking at the pure joy and celebration on their faces:

This is one of the things I love about Soccer.  The games may not be high scoring and keep the typical American engaged, but when they score....it is quite the emotional celebration.  No one ever thinks, what a cocky guy and they definitely do not get penalized for over-celebration.  For me...I constantly had goosebumps this morning watching all the highlights again.  (Damn you legs...I had just shaved!)

Next up for the U-S-of-A....Ghana.  USA! USA! USA!

Can you believe that Match???
Holy Moley....these two men put my 5 hour run to shame.  At Wimbledon yesterday, John Isner (USA) and Nicolas Mahut (France), played for an AMAZING 10 hours.  10 freaking hours.  This is by far the longest tennis match is the history of the sport (surpassing the 6 hours and 33 minutes of the previous record).  The scoreboard actually broke when it was tied at 47-47 and they finally called it quits at 59-59.  But wait...its not quits...its a pause...and continuation.  Just like the disappointment you feel when your favorite show spans "To Be Continue..." across the screen, that's how these fans felt after they invested their entire day.  But it was getting dark and even though electricity has been around since the good ol' Benjamin Franklin days, Wimbledon has still decided not to install the high sky lights to take the matches past the sun going down.  

And so....these two men will continue today.  Continue after playing for 10 straight hours and only one bathroom break.  This is all unheard of in Tennis where matches are typically around the 2 hour ball park and see scores like 6-4 or 7-6.  Its so rare to see double digits, let alone numbers in the 50s!!  Check out what other Tennis stars like Federer, Williams, Djokovic have to say here.  Even though we should all throw our hats to both Isner and Mahut, I obviously have to cheer for the American!!  Get 'em again U-S-of-A!!

**Update:  After 11 hours and 183 games, John Isner outlasted Nicolas Mahut in their epic match at Wimbledon.  Great job Isner!!  You are a Rock Star.  Now, go take a nap! 
 PS...for us Rockies Fans
Choke on that Chowder, Boston!!  G-I-A-M-B-I saves the day as the Rocks win over the Red Socks for the 2nd game and hope for the sweep.  Get 'em Rockies!!  

He finally speaks!!

 "Tell me something about yourself that I might not know."
 "My name is Chris.  And I like Mexican Food."

Awww....Poor Chris N with a slight mullet.  You finally get your air time and you blew it.  Glad though that you could clear it up and let us all know that you are a funny guy because man...my sides were aching from all of your hilariousness.  I've got the perfect set up for you though.  How about Natalie from the Mesnick series?  Because guess what.... she too cracks under pressure and answers questions just like a five year old put on the spot.  

I like Bears. 

I like Mexican food. 

A match made in heaven. 

Guard and Protect Your Heart

Dear Kasey,

I don't feel quite as bad now for asking for subtitles every time you talk.  Because Kasey...you are NUTS.  I know you think that you are Crazy in L-O-V-E with Ali. But let's be honest...you are just Crrrrraaaaazy!

Let's start with your most obvious Crazy Gesture. 

Gesture #1The TATTOO

Your "Guard-and-Protect-Ali's-Heart-plus-have-a-brick-for-all-my-new-bromance-home-boys-Tattoo" officially put your craziness over the edge and to a level that we have rarely seen on the Bach.  And I have to only imagine that ABC just absolutely loved every minute of your impulsive brand-your-body-for-Ali's-Love moment and thought to themselves, "Ya just can't make this shit up!"  

But we all remember the last reality show tattoo and how that one turned out for the Nothin-But-A-Good-Time-and-equally-as-crazy-Ms-Heather:

Poor Heather thought this too was a gesture of L-O-V-E and she turned out with no Bret Michaels, no rose with a thorn, and remains that girl that got the Bret Michaels Tattoo. 

Gesture #2:  "Singing"
Kasey, your "singing" was so far from anything that we have seen on the show that I almost wished that I had bought Wes' CD to play during your date scene.

There were two thoughts that crossed my mind during your "I-would-rather-listen-to-nails-on-a-chalk-board-or-10-women-screaming-through-labor-Serenade". 

1.  Anchor Man:  "Are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?"  "I Love Lamp"
    2.  Elf:  
    Buddy: "I'm herewith my dad and we've never met and he wants me to sing a song...And you didn't know I was born....and guess what...I love you, I love you, I love you."
    Buddy's Dad:  "Wow. That was weird."

     I'm pretty sure Ali's silence and the millions of viewers shaking their heads and plugging their ears all agree that.... Wow, that was weird. 

    Gesture #3:  Candy for the sick
    Kasey, I am not sure what kind of comfort you would provide Ali... But let's face it....  Chris has got it right.  He brings chicken noodle soup.  Perfect.  Everyone knows that chicken noodle soup heals a sick stomach and the teenage soul.  

    He bring flowers.  Perfect again.  There is never a bad occasion for flowers.  And finally, Chris brings himself for some some major cuddle time and a game of 32 questions.  

    But you Kasey, you instead think... nothing heals an upset stomach like all the sugar you can think of.  Did you forget the shots of tequila in your room?  This may not seem as big of a Red Flag as the Tattoo or singing, but I bring this up because Kasey, this was the most normal thing you did all week and that concludes that you are just weird and c-r-a-z-y.

    I look forward to watching even more drama unfold as you finally give your tattoo show 'n' tell and confess your ultimate protect-and-guard-her-heart Love for Ali, as well as continue to bond with your new Blood-Brothers.  

    But I have one final question Kasey.  Was Tenderheart Bear perhaps your favorite toy as a young buck?  Do you still cuddle with Tenderheart each night while on the Bach?   Do you really wish you could win Ali's love with a Care Bear Stare?  Because I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, yes, and yes.

    xoxo, Kat

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    All I can say is...WOW.  I saw this one morning on Denver's 7News and I must say, this is my favorite picture of the greatest city!!    I Heart You Colorado, You truly are beautiful each and every day!

    Red Rover Red Rover...Send the Huskers on Over

    I realize that not all my BFFs, gal pals, and blog buddies share the same sports enthusiasm that I do.  But you can always say just enough to spark that conversation with your sports lover hubby that it will make him drop his jaw that you now know more than the mascots or team colors.  Perhaps your "new found love" for sports and conversation starters will bring you breakfast in bed, the laundry folded, or even a nice back rub.  At least worth the try.

    Tonight you can ask:

    "So what do you think about the shake up in the Big 12?"  
    The Big 12 is (or was) a college conference that included:  Baylor, CU, Iowa State, KU, K-State, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, OSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech.  Just this week, sources say that the Nebraska CornHuskers will move to the Big Ten (which includes big wigs such as Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State). 

    This has created quite the buzz in the sports world and other teams are now making the talk to move to other conferences, such as the Pac-10 (includes USC, Cal, Oregon, ASU, UCLA). The CU Buffs just formally announced their move to the Pac.

    What does this mean for your sports lover?  Well some will enjoy the new competition.  While others are mad as hell that their beloved teams will no longer play the traditional rivals.  Some worry that their teams will become the easy win for the big wigs in the new conference. What does this mean for the schools?  More moo-lah!  Let's face it, its all about the money, and so making the move will create better TV deals and give more money to the school.  

    **Fun fact you can squeeze in:  Notre Dame is not a part of any conference.  They have a sweet deal with NBC and hope to keep it that way.  We shall see after all this conference Red Rover.  

    "What do you think about USC's punishment?"
    As seen on espn, the USC football program will receive a two-year post season ban, a reduction in scholarships, and a forfeiture of wins from at least the 2004 season.  YIKES.  This is all because of recruiting and academic fraud that happens years ago.  

    Why is this such controversy?  Well for one, the former head coach, Pete Carroll just recently jumped ship and now coaches the Seahawks (NFL team...I know its confusing).  None of the players from that time are still at the school.  Therefore, fans are saying the USC President and Athletic Director are the ones that should be held responsible, not the poor 18 year olds that just signed up to play for their dream team.

    "Should they strip Reggie Bush's Heisman?"
    Ladies, you know Reggie Rush...he's the former BF of Kim Kardashian. The NCAA has investigated to see if Bush and his family took improper benefits back in the day.  It might conclude to find Reggie Bush retroactively ineligible, and the Heisman Trust could strip him of his 2005 award.  Some say so what??  Others still remember the disappointment it was to see Marion Jones stripped of her Olympic Golds.  Either way, its the hot topic today.  

    Ps...The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night.  Beat the Flyers 4-3 in overtime.  This the first win for the Windy City team in 49 years!  Do I hear post season  for the Cubs and Bears coming as well??  (My vote is no as long as Cry Baby Cutler is QB, but I am obviously a little biased). 

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