Dear Grey's Anatomy,

There is a reason I do not watch Glee.  Tonight's episode is a complete failure.  Please stick to your normal soundtracks. 


PS...I am only 20 minutes into the episode.  It's that bad. 

Instant Messaging with Gator Guy

Monday I stayed home with a sick Mr. T.  Yesterday, it was Gator Guy's turn.  Here's our conversation on Google chat.  I would say our chat has definitely changed since our cute notes passed in high school or our flirty texts in college.  
Gator Guy:  Worst diaper ever

Kat:  haha, sorry!
         Actually....not really

Gator Guy:  Thanks
                      Looked like a big mess of pesto
                      But smelled like a sulfur plant

Kat:  Gross bubby.  Did not need the detailed description.
          How to you feel about yourself for typing that one out???

Gator Guy: 
Pretty Damn Good. 

Yes...he ends many thoughts with "boom".

Fan of The Fan

News Flash -- I am kind of a sports fan.  (As I'm sure most of you are all rolling your eyes or saying "duh" at this very moment).  I am also a huge sports talk radio fan.   And so, when I heard that 104.3 The Fan was going to be out just a block from my office, I knew I had to stop by and say hi.  Even better, was the fact that this was on St Patrick's Day.  You know, the beautiful day in Denver with Green, Hoops, & Sunshine.  So after buying my green beer all by myself at the Oh-So-Crowded Tilted Kilt, I headed over to The Fan table to say hi. 
Four Hours Later....I was with my new BFF, DMac (the host of The Drive) heading to the second half of the Gonzaga vs St John's first round game at the Pepsi Center.  Quite the experience I must say myself.  Not only sitting in the 3rd row of the game, but just having a chance to hang out with one of the guys that I listen to almost every day.  

As the night went on, we covered just about every subject manageable:  Tebow, Marathon Training, Hurricane McDaniel's Departure, Gator Guy, My New Love for Yoga, College hoops, The Future of the Broncos, Mr. T, Bracketology,  Tebow's Determination, Hiking a 14er, My Hatred for Cutler, My Passion for the Broncos, My Desire to be Erin Andrews, My love for Tebow, Football, My Lack of Baseball Knowledge....Oh yeah, and Tebow

Must Haves: For the Sick Toddler

1.  Vicks Vapor Humidifier - Gator Guy picked this one up at Walmart yesterday and it is a life savor!!  The humidifier works great and adds the vicks vapor in the air.  Its pretty cheap too, so I definitely recommend this one. 

2.  Popsicles - Nothing soothes a sore throat better! 

3.  Big Boy Cups - Mr. T was not excited about drinking liquids, but once we let him drink from a big boy water bottle or cup...he was on track to hydration! 

4.  Children's Ibuprofen - Definitely a must have to keep that fever down!!   Now I just wish they had cough drops or medicine for a two year old.

5.  Pancakes - Ok, we tried everything.  Jell-o, pudding, soup, smoothie....just about anything that we could think of to get Mr. T to eat.  But then he finally asked for why the hell not! 

6.  Towel as a Pillow - When I was little, my mom would put a towel over my pillow and tell me that it would make me feel better.  I am sure it was to help with all the drooling, snot, and possible vomit.  Now a days, I use this tip even when suffering from the Irish Flu and thought Mr. T should give it a try.  

7.  Mickey Mouse Playhouse - When I am sick, I watch "Friends" and classic chick flicks like "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and "Can't Buy Me Love".  When Mr. T is's ALL about Mickey.  All  Mickey...ALL day long.

Dear Mike & Mike,

Even though I am still waiting for my signed copy of your Rules for Sports and Life, I am even more heart broken today as I read in the local paper that you will no longer be on my Oh-So-Favorite radio station, 104.3 The Fan.  Good news, I can still wake up to your smiling face live on ESPN, but not hearing your voices on my daily drive in will be quite the adjustment. 


PS...I am pretty free the next few months if you are interested in swinging by with that signed copy.  Just sayin. 

Two Year Old Soccer

 This morning we are heading to Mr. T's very first soccer game.  That's right....Soccer for Two Year-Olds.  I never thought there was such a thing but after seeing his obsession with sports (shocker), a lady at the gym told us all about it.  We are not sure what a "game" will actually be.  Or if this will be more like a practice....or just pure chaos.  But more than anything....we have signed up for Parental Entertainment.  Can't wait. 

Ingrediants for an Awesome Parents Night Out

1.  Tickets to the Avalanche game

 2.  Avalanche in a Can...and Hardcore Cider (Just for you A).

3.  Awesome 90s T-Shirts

4.  Becoming one of the players

5.  Pictures with cops

6.  Thumbs Down Photos

7.  Kat with a Camera

8.  The Train Ride Home

9.  Dance Party in the Kitchen.  Sorry, there were no pictures of this one.  But probably the highlight of the night!! 

10.  Oh yeah....and babysitters!!!

Cool Enough to be on a Refrigerator

Seriously?  This actually exists???  TIME says: "GE's UK fans actually voted for the design on Facebook, suggesting that royal mania won't, um, cool down anytime soon."  You can read more here.

I think Gator Guy and I shall put our faces on our garage door. 

It's My Party....

And I'll Cry If I Want To!!!  So, this was not Mr. T's mood at his 2nd birthday party this weekend, because he had a blast.  But I think these pictures are by far my favorite!!  

Green, Hoops, & Sunshine

Yesterday was filled with excitement in Downtown Denver.  You could just Feel It!!  The weather was filled with beautiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and 74 spectacular degrees.  Folks are getting pumped up for Today's St. Patrick's Day and perhaps have been celebrating since last weekend.  And on top of that March Madness begins today.  People are walking around with brackets, highlighters,  and are pumped for the excitement that today brings.  Denver is hosting the first two rounds and so the buzz just grows as everyone walks around in their school gear and pride.    I even have to give a shout out to my friend Anne, who "checked in" on facebook at 4AM for Kegs & Eggs this morning!  Yikes.  Made my plans to have a beer at lunch seem quite small!  Slainte Anne!!!  Drink a Green One for me!!

I love spring in Denver.  And I absolutely love a day like today.  I leave you with some Irish jams from one of my favorite movies:  (Thanks Micah for posting it the other day!!)

Mr. T meets Mr. Stallone

Today we went to my nieces ginormous volleyball tournament.  The most popular cheerleader in the stands...was Mr. Sylvester Stallone!  The buzz was all about Rocky and his body guard.  And as Gator Guy was out walking around with Mr. T, they just had to stop and say hi. 

How could you turn down this little charmer saying, "Hi Sly"

Going up???

Because I totally just had a Dance Party in my work elevator jammin out to "Its Feels Good" by Tony! Toni! Tone!.  Yes, it was a party of ONE, but it's just one of those days and couldn't resist my moves. 

Great Motherly Advice

I was just venting and complaining to my dear mother, and her response was:

Well honey, sometimes life just sucks.

And then she said, "Isn't that great motherly advice?!?"  
Why yes it is Mum.
Yes it is. 

Rhythm Makes the World Go Round

Every time I go to CorePower Yoga the instructor plays an awesome song that I just must download.  The first time it was Florence + The Machine - The Dog Days Are Over.  But honestly since then, I haven't been able to remember a single song title or lyric to Google since.

But today - I made a mental note (such as picturing everyone dancing around as the human beat) to make sure I wouldn't miss this one.  

So join me in The Jam of the Weekend - Little Bit of Riddim by Michael Franti & Spearhead ft Cherine Anderson.

Just What I Needed

Every now and then I have one of those days where I just can't seem to slow down.  My mind continues to race a million miles per hour and my heart won't stop pounding.  Today...was one of those days.  

And today is yet another day where I have to thank my dearest e for introducing me to Yoga.  Tonight we went to candle lit heated class and I absolutely loved it.  
 I am also now beginning to realize that Yoga is not just standing in a lunge with your arms out.  It is truly engaging all parts of your body...oh and while not thinking about it and concentrating on your breathing.  Yeah...I am still working on all of that.  But I can now say that yoga is not just stretching for long periods of a time, which is what I used to think.  

Now, I know it is so much more.  Now, I know that I need yoga.  Maybe not every day, but from time to time to calm me and challenge me all at the same time.  So thanks again e!  You have created an addict. 

I am Disgusting

I may be healthy for the most part when it comes to exercising and eating right.  But lately I just can't seem to get enough Egg Salad Sandwiches from 7-11.  I know.  I am disgusting.  I mean let's be honest...these sandwiches aren't exactly made by my grandmother.  Who knows who is crafting these suckers together.  Either way, sometimes my day is not complete without them. 

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