High heels, Chipotle, and Firefighters

I'm not going to lie...one thing I love in the morning is getting in the elevator all by myself and then totally jammin out to whatever I am listening to.  I'm sure there is a security guard somewhere just saying, "Damn...white girl has got some moves!!".  

But today my ride up after lunch was not so Jammin as it lasted about...20 freaking minutes.  Yes, I was totally stuck in the elevator.  But at least I wasn't alone.  Two other ladies, which seemed very nice, until one started to panic and press the alarm button.  We quickly calmed her and just pressed the call button.  The building attendants were able to get us up and moving about 15 minutes later.  I'm not sure what they had to do.  Perhaps they were waiting for me to dance again.  

However, while in the elevator, I must admit that I had the total irrational thoughts as each minute went by:

1.  Thank goodness I'm not alone.
2.  Totally wish I didn't wear my super high heels today, I'm already sick of standing.
3.  Wish I had my iPhone with me, I could totally tweet it up or work on my Fantasy Draft.  Brady or Rogers?    
4.  Huge thank goodness I'm not stuck in here with the creeper from this morning that asked what song I was listening to.  "Take a hint jackass...I have headphones in.  Do. Not. Talk. To. Me."  
5.  Seriously awesome that I have Chipotle with me. 
6.  Damn, I totally don't have a fork. 
7.  Oh thank goodness the other two decided to sit.
8.  Holy crap, what if we are here for hours??
9.  OMG, I totally heard on the radio this morning about how a mom was in an elevator with her son that fell 15 stories and she broke both legs and had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks...holy crap we are at the 30th floor....Was that a sign that I heard that?!?!?
10.   What if we start to fall, should I take off my super high heels so I can brace myself with proper balance?

And then just before the elevator started to move and doors opened....one lady said, "I wonder if the fire department will have to come."  The other lady totally took my line and said, "I get the hot one to carry me out!!!"  Damn.  She totally called dibs.

Thank goodness for the Denver Firefighter Calendar, since they did not have to greet us or carry us out.  Damn.  And sorry Gator Guy, after this train of thoughts I will so have to get my hands on a copy. 


  1. glad you are safe. I love that your thoughts were football, food and hot men. you and i would definitely be besties if you lived in DC.

  2. Seriously Kat - We would totally be BFFs...not to mention Kat squared ;)

  3. aaaaaah scary. our elevator at work is super sketch so I'm always scared that will happen to me. glad everything was okay... and now I want chipolte, damn.

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