Ready...Get Set...Its Monday

So instead of the typical New Years Resolution, I started my monthly Goooals.  In January, I set out to wake up and stretch first thing every morning.  But I have to be honest...this Gooooal was a hit or miss.  I just kept forgetting to do my yoga-like-stretch-moves before jumping in the shower.  So I will continue to work on that one.  But I must say, mornings that I did get that stretch in...I felt Fantastic!!  

For February I have decided to Get Organized.  And not necessarily organize the whole house  (write that one down for later). But instead to get my week off to a good start for both myself and Gator Guy.  I want to take some time once a week and pack snacks, lunches, and plan out dinners.  I know there's so much more I can do to get ready for that dreaded Monday, but I'm starting out small with my snacks.  The easy part, is I will just have to do this 4 times to achieve my goal in February (and yes, the goal is to continue all my Gooooals and make them a lifestyle).  But the bonus of this one, is it will hopefully cut back on spoiled produce that sits in our fridge because I forget to bag it all out for us to chow down on.  

And so, here's to you Ziplock, or target brand Up and Up bags, I will use (and reuse) you in February so that I can sucessfully keep up my 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. 


  1. Menu planning is key for me. If I don't start Monday out with a plan I'm going through the drive through by lunch time.

  2. I always plan out dinners, but breakfast and lunches are on a whim.

  3. That's great. Do you two plan out your dinners, do you buy everything needed over the weekend? Or just get as needed? I definitely need to step up the planning!

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