Today, my view is...

This.  Beautiful fall colors in Keystone, CO. 

Tomorrow....My view will be this:

Life. Is. Good.

Holy Smokes

Brad is back.  And I am so freaking excited.  That is correct, the next Bachelor will be Mr. Break-Everyone's-heart Brad.  And I will love watching every moment of those dimples, those blue eyes, and that sweet southern accent. 

Hello McHotness.  I proudly add you to the White T-Shirt List.

Ingredients for an Epic Wedding Reception

 1.  Moments with the Bride & Groom

2.  Dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing. 
(And improv headbands)

3.  Air Guitar with the Band

4.  A Dress-up Photo Booth

5.  Lots and Lots of close up Pictures

6.  More Dancing...Table Dancing

7.  Men without shirts...And more Dancing

8.  Having so much fun that we were all sore for days.  
Seriously.  An epic wedding.  As you can see... we were sad for it to end!

Am I Too Old...

For a belly button ring? Honestly. Because like most of you, I got my belly button pierced when I was 16 because...well, I was damn cool. And I kept it in up until the day that my belly turned from cute baby bump to scary octomomish. And on that day I took it out, I never really thought I would put it back.

But now I look at my belly button, and its just a hole. And judging by what my other BFF's say, I don't think this hole is going to close.

And so...Am I too old for a belly button ring??  Most of me says yes.  That I am a wife and a mom and need to keep the belly button rings to the teens.  But then I look at that damn hole, and think it looks so lame! I suppose the only time anyone besides Gator Guy will see it, is at the pool or beach. And I guess I ask about this now because Gator Guy and I soon fly the skies to Hawaii!

So I ask:  Do I put a basic belly ring back in?? Or just rock the hole??  Vote to the left -->

No Diggity

So I survived my Ten Year Reunion.  And in fact, better than survived.  Way freaking better.

I was nervous about this one.  I mean, what the heck was I thinking when I agreed to plan this one??  People don't go to reunions any more.  Especially in the world of Facebook.  And so, during the planning process I was constantly nervous that it would be a bust and it would be obvious who put it all together.  There's Kat, that loser that planned our 10 year Reunion.  I was nervous that only 30 people would show up and it would be filled with lame conversations and awkward silence.  There's Kat, that loser that dragged us to this reunion!

But it was not like that at all.  Not even close.  There was no awkward silences and every where I looked, everyone was drinkin it up, havin a good time, and jammin it out to my awesome playlist. 

What Jams were on this awesome playlist you might ask??  Jams like McLyte's - Cold Rock a Party, Big Pun's - I'm Not a Player, Britney's - Hit Me Baby, and BlackStreet's - No Diggity.  

Well....Here's a little sampling:

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So... befriending 200 new friends on facebook and creating obnoxious color coded spreadsheets for the committee was all totally worth it.  And I was seriously overwhelmed by all the Thanks You's and compliments afterwards.   Everyone had a great time and it really did feel great to make it all happen.

I think the best part of the whole event was reconnecting.  But more than just the catching up yadda yadda yadda.  I have become closer to some (especially the committee gals) that I really do consider  good friends now.  Not just classmates....friends. So thanks girls!!  You're the best!

Finally...Here's my advice:  GO TO YOUR FREAKING REUNION.  I don't care if you have spent the last 10 or 20 years trying to disconnect yourself from those people, or if you don't think you have that bod to show off just yet.  Just go.  Show up.  And if it is lame, leave after you get your two free drinks.  Because someone out there freaking went through a LOT to plan the damn thing.  So just freaking go.

PS....There are requests for a 15 year reunion.... shall I do it?!?!?

Can You Believe It??

This little man is 18 months today!! 

And now, let me take a moment here and show off his cuteness:

Ten Years Ago...

It was all about the Backstreet Boys & Britney, Abercrombie layers & pagers, and disposable cameras & great classmates.  Its been ten years since the Class of 2000 stepped out into the real world.  And I have to say that one of the best parts about putting the Reunion together, was looking at pictures like these:

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