Are you Tebowing today??

Because everyone else sure is!!  Seriously....time to come out of your cave if you have not seen the new Tim Tebow Craze that just hit the air waves two days ago.  It's  The concept - pictures of people Tebowing.   Kind of like planking...but much safer. 

So just What is Tebowing you might ask??  Well, the site's definition is:  (vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. 

This is Tebow's move.  His good luck stance.  

Its like Lebron James and his ritual chalk clap in the air. 

Or Maximus smelling the dirt before every fight.  

Or perhaps Farve and his sexting.  Oops...don't worry ladies, no pic of that one.  

Either way, this is catching on fast!  
See...Gator Guy and Mr. T Love some Tebowing. 

And so does our pup.  We call this the Tebowing Trifecta.

And Yes, Coach Kat even had the cross country team Tebowing before a time trial run.  

So don't be surprised next time you see someone down on one knee, taking a moment to themselves, and of course...taking a picture to share to the world that they are Tebowing.   You can even read the latest article in the Wall Street Journal here.

Jam of the Week: Carols Bertonatti & The Little Things

As I sit here at my computer....this is one of those songs that I start to tap my foot and lift the corners of my mouth!! (Yes my Dearest E and Mamie from in smile!!)  Thank you Carlos Bertonatti for your beautiful voice and playful sound.  You have made my Tuesday.

It's Timmy Time

The day has come.  (well....not quite the day that Timmy becomes my BFF...that shall come soon.  I mean...we live in the same city.  No within 10-15 miles of each other...don't judge me for knowing that.  So perhaps he is just not going to the same liquor stores as I am.)  

But today is THE  Judgement Day that Timmy will start as QB and the Mile High City is pumped.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the fans would attack the field with pitchforks if this wasn't the case today.  Totally time for Orton-Hears-a-Boo to take a seat with a 1-4 record.  And looks like Pretty-Quinny is even inactive so we no longer have our Three Musketeers to debate over.

Even the Denver Post has a two page spread all About Timmy.  Five Things to Watch today:  Timmy, Timmy, and three more Timmys.  And even the Dolphins are honoring the 2008 Gators (as in the BCS champs when Tebow was the Q to the B) at today's game in Miami which means....a crap load of blue and orange #15's at this game.   

The Post again says that Tebow is a human ATM machine where everyone makes money off of him.  Interesting.  Just how can I get in the action??  Calm down the dirty jokes here...I'm really just wanting that BFF card.  I mean, we have a damn good time here in the burbs and I think there is a place just for Timmy. Friday 4 of us adults managed to consume a very large amount of beers, watched our hubbies play nurf basketball for two hours, and had a party in the kitchen.  Saturday we detoxed at yoga just before we retoxed with mimosa's while walking to the neighborhood pumpkin festival, and even got in a two hour nap after a trip to Lowes.  I am pretty sure Tebow would love to join in our lifestyle.  

Either way, I am p-u-m-p-e-d!!!  And to respond to my boy Stever who said, "Try not to lose your shit this Sunday"...Oh yes Stever...I will definitely be beyond excited, and will try with all my might to not lose my shit. 

Rumor Has It....It's Totally Their Song

So this is Mr. T and Gator Guy.

Gator Guy is tough, strong, and manly.

Mr. T. is ALL boy and loves crashing cars, tackling, and playin in the "muddy".

However...I was told last night that "their song" right now is Rumor Has It by Adele.  They really like this one.  They sing to it in the car.  They dance to do while getting on their PJs.  And they really dig Adele.  So it is Totally Their Song.

(I Love It!)

Inspiration to Play Again

Dear Yiruma, 

Soon, we will adopt an piano from my Grandma.  I must admit that I was a little concerned about the space it will take up in the house.  I am constantly trying to de-clutter and just didn't know how the piano would help that cause. But then I just heard your beautiful song, River Flows in You, and I am now inspired to start playing again. I hope to some day learn this masterpiece and let my fingers flow just as you do.  Thanks for your inspiration Yiruma and for your soothing energy on this Monday morning.  

xoxo, Kat

Santa Clause and the Jukebox

After a Bronco loss but a huge Tebow gain, we headed to a local bar with neighbors.  (Clearly Gator Guy was the D.D.)  I thought of this GRAND ol idea to play Christmas music on the juke box and then leave before it played.  Problem....we didn't leave before it played.  

I snuck into the bathroom and tried to remain in my porcelain hide out as long as I could.  But as I sat there, Elvis Presley began to sing here comes Santa Clause and then Andy William belted out It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.   The chatter grew louder outside my protected stall and I  finally decided to to come out to only find everyone in the bar asking me....REALLY??  SERIOUSLY??  Did you seriously just play effing Christmas music??  They totally knew it was me.  I was totally busted. 

I don't think I am allowed back.  And definitely not allowed any more free credits on that jukebox.

My Love for the Air Guitar

I have a Love for many things.  My boys.  Microbrews.  My JamsTebow.  The Bach.  My BFFs.  Yoga & Running. Sports Talk Radio. (all in no particular order).

But added to that the Air Guitar.  Yes, this is very true.  I just can't help myself when I hear those cords perfectly in tune with a set of drums and a belting chorus line.  My left hand cranks out and my right sets just on my torso...and then...the magic begins.  I do not know how to play a single note on a real guitar, nor I have ever even played Guitar Hero.  But I can promise you one thing. I. Can. Freaking. Rock. The. Air. Guitar.

And so, leave it to a trip last week in Mexico to present to us...The perfect combination:
  1. Bloody caesar cocktails
  2. Fantastic friends
  3. Mexican band singing ACDC without speaking a lick of English
  4. A 30th birthday celebration for my dear M.
  5. Cerveza
  6. Gator Guy behind the camera

    And you get this fantastic duo of Air Guitar meets Air Drums

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