Direct quote from Gator Guy

"I can't seem to get my Sunday buzz. Screw it, I'm bringin in Pabst"

Holy Hot Yoga

Ready.....Cue the music:

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This morning, I went with my dearest e to my very first Hot Yoga class.  I remember when the yoga craze first started and I, that's not really for me.  I really like to sweat when I work out.  

Umm...I'm pretty sure I have never sweat so much in my life.   Seriously, I could have wrung a good amount from my shirt.  And I freaking loved it.  The best part was that the instructor played real music (like Florence & The Machine playing above), and not just the sounds of ooo's and ommm's like other classes I have been to.  
 Exercise is always my release.  When I have long days, good days, or tired days, the best thing for me is to get off my butt and head to the gym, track, or trail.  I never regret a workout after I get there.  I just need to always remember how good I feel afterward.  But  Yoga was a new kind of release.  One where I could really focus on not stressing out about all the To Do's in every day life.  Thanks e for taking me along!  
So add Hot Yoga to The Shed (and keep the shed) list:
1.  Running
3.  Hot crazy yoga

Mary, Madusa, and Britney

My favorite Halloween Costumes:

1.  Mary - There's Something About Mary Kat.  Talk about the easiest costume ever.  Just need a little hairspray and there we go.

2.  Madusa
- I was kind of like Lindsey in Mean Girls.  Not really the sexy girl costume, but still a good one!   (And yes, those were my college roommates dressed as nerds.  We were quite the trio)

3.  Madonna with Cone Boobs - I couldn't find a picture from this one.  I will say that was yet another crazy college night.  But it really did look something like this:

4.  Bald Britney - My all time favorite, Britney.  Remember when Britney went crazy and shaved her head...

 Well, that was my costume and I loved it. 

However...I think I also could have passed as Smeagol from Lord of the Rings.

Top 15 Light Rail Songs

I think there should be music on the Light Rail.  A DJ in fact.  And that DJ, should be me!  It would make everyone's morning just that much better if we all had some awesome jams to listen to.  But not too awesome that we would all get wired up for the day and then just crash before lunch.  Just some nices jams that let us relax and ponder what the day will be like (or day dream about the next Erin Andrews.)

My Top 15 Light Rail Songs:
  1. The Story - Brandi Carlile (I love this song for many reasons.  One, it is just a beautiful song.  But two, it was the very song that ESPN played during a story about Joe Paterno that brought on the pregnancy water works in an instant.  I heart you, Papa Joe)
  2. Glory Days - Bruce Sprinsteen (Just who isn't living or reminiscing their glory days?!?)
  3. We're Young and Beautiful - Carrie Underwood  (Gator Guy has a major crush on Carrie Underwood, as any man should.  And for some reason this is the song that I really believe I can sound just like her.  Only in my own world, but makes me just want to Belt it out.)
  4. Hook - Blues Traveler (Every time we hear this song, Gator Guy just has to say, "Damn this is a good song."  So why now listen to the Damn Good Song first thing in the morning)
  5. It's Alright - Big Head Todd and the Monsters (Well's alright)
  6. Down on the Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Obviously any day is a good day when you can start it out with a little CCR)
  7. Vision of Love - Mariah Carey (Don't you just miss the old days when Mariah could rock the high notes?  Because I sure do) 
  8. Suspicious Minds - Elvis (I love Elvis.  And this song is just enough Elvis to listen to that won't cause me to get up and shake my hips.)
  9. Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson  (MJ totally had to listen to this first thing in the morning.)
  10. Kandi - One eskimO  (Can't you just picture it??  Stage just like MTV's Unplugged and I am  the one singing, "he called me babe"...and playing the tamborine)
  11. Bright Side of the Road - Van Morrison (Van is the Man.  Enough said)
  12. Raindrops from the Sun - Imani Coppola  (I imagine myself in a commerical for this one, perhaps drinking a light beer with butterflies and rainbows everywhere.)
  13. Ok, It's Alright With Me - Eric Hutchinson (Love this guy.  He makes me want to seize the day)
  14. Stuck in the Middle With You - Steelers Wheel  ("Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am."   I can't help but laugh at this one and think of the Dude and Gal sitting next to me.)
  15. Juciy - Better Than Ezra (Because you have to end the train ride with a good theme song for the day.  Today, this was it.  It is on my movie sound track as I strut up to the office.)

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Just What the Dr. Ordered

I am not a huge fan of soda pop. Very very rarely drink it.  Gave it up in high school for track, and never really got back into it.  However, there is one occasion where it is an absolute must.  

After too many of these:

The next day I must have at least two of these. 
Thanks DP.  

Look out Dancing with the Stars...

Mr. T is a dancing machine.  He may only be 19 months old and not have the ballroom perfected yet, but he's getting pretty damn good at the booty drop, robot, belly grab, and my favorite: the side shuffle. 

When the shirt comes off....Boys will be Boys

Check out that farmers tan.  Yikes!
PS...Gator Guy completely named this video.  Only a Dude would name it "nips". 

Best. Text. Ever.

As I was heading last Friday to meet my dearest e at the park for some play time with our little ones, I received this text:

"Do you want me to bring you a roadie beer?"

This is why we are friends.  She is brilliant. 

Must Eat, Must Drink: Hawaii

1.  Shave Ice - We were definitely shocked to hear that our good friends that now live on Oahu have not had shaved ice yet.  I mean, its like not having popcorn at the movies, a beer at the game, or shots at the Monday morning meeting.
Aoki's and Matsumoto's on Oahu and Annie's on Maui...all Damn Good. 

2.  Betty's - The best restaurant in Lahaina is Betty's.  Low key, great food, and a Luau!!  That's right, skip the $90 Luau and just get a good seat at Betty's.  Just in front of your ocean view, is the stage.  We just couldn't get enough of Betty and went there twice! Mahalo Betty - You're the best.
3.  Mama's Fish House - Now if you are heading to Maui, you must have a big night out at Mama's Fish House.  Its a little more on the pricey side, but Oh-So-Worth-It.  Seriously.  The view...amazing.  The atmosphere...amazing.  Mama's Stuffed Mahi Mahi...Ah-Mazing.
And check out our dessert....The Black Pearl (make sure you say that in your best Pirates of the Caribbean voice).
8.  The Daily Plate - If you are heading to Hawaii, you MUST have a Daily Plate.  You can find it just about anywhere.  The more its a "Dive" the better. Our favorite daily plate was at Nico's Pier 38 (featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives).  Also try the Loco Moco - Rice, Burger patty, 2 eggs, and lots of gravy.  Hello Heart Attack.
5.  Coconut Porter - Even if you are not a huge dark beer kind of gal (or guy), you MUST try the coconut porter by the Maui Brewing Co.  We are already trying to get it at our local liquor store.  
6.  Plantation House Restaurant - Even if you don't golf, you have to appreciate this view.  Wowzers! Plus, this place has the best damn crab cake eggs benedict you will ever have.  The Food Network channel (and Kat) say so! 

Tebow's First

Don't worry, no V-cards were taken today.  At least none that I am aware of.  But today I witnessed something  so freaking great.  Something that made me scream, get a little light headed, and possibly pee my pants a little.  That's right, I saw Tebow score his first NFL Touch Down.

Unfortunately, the Broncos lost today's game.  But not on my account.  No Siree.  I waved that orange towel, stomped my feet, and screamed at the top of my lungs every time the Defense was up for the taking.  I don't know about you, but when I am at a game and especially Mile High, I truly feel like I am making a difference.  I am the 12th man on the field.  Without me...the Broncos would have....oh, lost by more than 4 points  :(
So yes, Greenie, I may love you on Mike & Mike, but your J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets....S-U-C-K, Suck, Suck, Suck. 

PS.  Thanks my Dearest A for taking me to the game.  I miss you dearly.  xoxo, Kat

Must See, Must Do: Hawaii

1.  Helitour - Gator Guy and I splurged for an open doors Helicopter tour over west Maui and Molokai.  That's right, no doors.  Ah-freaking-mazing.  I just might be considering a career as a traffic reporter just so I can experience the copter more!!  
2.  Snokeling - It has always been a little tough snorkeling in places after seeing the Great Barrier Reef.  I mean, quite the place to live up to.  But I must say that Maui did...and then some.  We took a snorkel tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation, stopped by Molikini and Turtle Town.  I was convinced that we wouldn't see any turtles and it was just a way for us to cash in that moolah.  Wrong!  We saw green sea turtles everywhere.  What beautiful and peaceful creatures! 
Sadly I turned down the water camera, but this is just what it was like
3.  Bellow's Beach - Best kept secret on Oahu.  Skip those crowded beaches and head to Bellow's Beach.  It is actually on Bellow's Air Force Base and is open to the public on weekends.  Great view.  No crowds.  Damn good time.
4.  The North Shore - There is just something about the North Shore on Oahu.  Surfers.  Slow pace.  Surfers.   Dole Pineapple.  Surfers.  Wiamea Bay was the first beach that we hit up on our trip and it was the best.  Beautiful waves. 
5.  Road to Hana - There are not kidding.  The Road to Hana has twists and turns that will definitely make your stomach cry for a dramamine.  In fact, 600 curves and 54 bridges to be exact.  But it is a definite must see.  And feel free to take a little adventure off to one of the off road waterfalls.
6.  Hiking - Gator Guy and I just couldn't get enough hiking.  Diamond Head, Coco Head, Manoa Falls, and much more. Just make sure you bring your Keens.
7.  Lahaina, Maui - Oh Lahaina...How I love thee.  We stayed at Lahaina Shores. We didn't really know what to expect when we booked it online, but this small little fisherman's town is my new love.  Restaurants everywhere and beautiful art galleries on every corner.    
Our Hotel
Our view from our room
Our beach
And check out the Banyan Tree.  Yes, this is all ONE TREE.
8. Beach Time - This one is a no brainer
Mahalo Hawaii.  Mahalo.

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