I have to be very careful tomorrow and avoid any spoilers as I did not get to watch Geico CaveMan Ben and his horrible decisions on the Bach.  I can only ponder about the past episodes and how disappointed I have been.  

In the meantime...I shall laugh at this.  And perhaps dedicate it to our freestylin bachelorette. I love you  Love. 

Hunger Games Madness

As if my love for Jacob, Pretty Little Liars, and One Tree Hill wasn't enough for this 14 year old at heart. I am now so excited for the Hunger Games movie to come out (March 23rd...mark your calendars).  Perhaps yet another midnight showing appearance??  I think so!!! 

Don't spoil it for me, but I have only read the first book.  I figured that I would just wait to read the other two until after I see the movie.  That way....I am just in so much suspense not knowing what shall happen next to sweet Katniss.  Anyone else wish they were a badass bow-n-arrow fighter??  Because I sure do!!!   

Now I'm on the lookout for a shirt or something to completely embarrass myself with.

I Must Compete

Don't ask how I got to this site when I should be lesson planning, but I just saw that the US Air Guitar Championship is coming to Denver in May.  I am still on the look out on how I can become a contestant.  So if any of you have an "in"...please hook a girl up.   

Hopped up on Chocolate and L-O-V-E

Valentine's Day in a High School is a whole new ball game.  The amount of money spent on roses and dinner plans for these teens is amazing.  I have never seen so many GINORMOUS teddy bears, balloons, and bouquets of flowers.  Even the guys were sporting it too.  I had two boys in my class with balloons that could barely get through the door...and one was even a singing balloon (that was fun).  Today's hyper energy is a definite tie with the night before a giant snow storm and snow day.  Perhaps the winner.  Kids all hopped up on chocolate and L-O-V-E.  And making out in the hallway as if they were heading off to war.  Its 50 minutes kids.  Five. Zero.  You will see your crush and one & only love very soon. 

Either way...I must say that my highlight of all the roses was the beautiful bouquet delivered to our house from Gator Guy.  Quite a catch I snatched for high school.  (I swear....we were soooo not that couple on Valentine's day.)

Obsessed Jam of the Week: April Smith - Colors

I absolutely love that my alarm clock will play a song to wake me up rather than an annoying buzz, beep, or birds.  (Yes...I once had an alarm that would tweets little birds.  Really cute at first until it got loud enough that they were then squawking!!)  

For the past week, April Smith's - Colors has been my Must Have choice to wake me up, get me movin', and wish me off to a fabulous day.  Thanks to One Tree Hill (and even a Lowes commercial) for showing me this Gem.  

Red Nails Make Me Fancy

My Dearest E and I got manicures today. This is the first time ever I have painted my nails a color.  Seriously.  How sad is that??  The only other times I have done anything was back in the day with fake french tip nails for prom and my wedding day. Quite sad for a woman my age, huh? 

I think I look fancy. 

And I think even red nails can make my beer look fancy too!  Cheers.

You are Braver Than You Believe

I printed this message to give to a bunch of my students tomorrow.  This was a tough week.  At school, we had to announce to our classes that a student had passed on Monday night.  And in a very tragic way.  I have only been here for just a little bit and I did not know that particular student.  However, seeing my students in complete shock, complete sadness, and through the process of mourning has been difficult.  I had a test scheduled for this day.  And I still administered it.  I of course said that if they were not ready or in the right mind to take it, to definitely reschedule for another day.  But as we started, I all of a sudden saw a handful of students crying.  Sobbing.  I of course told them to stop taking the test,  gave a quick hug in the hall and headed them to the library where they had set up a huge counseling center.  

That was tough.  What is the right balance?  Should I have canceled the test?  Continue with the plan? I am not sure.  I didn't know what other teachers were doing.  Would it be too much if we all cancelled  plans and talked about the situation?  I'm not sure. To be honest, I didn't have anything else planned and didn't want to move to the next unit.  The test was already a day late due to the snow day and I know some just wanted to be done with it.  I still continued yesterday's lecture with the 1950's wearing my pink ladies jacket and pointed frame glasses.  We listened to 1950's Rock 'n' Roll today while analyzing the lyrics and cultural impact.  I know some of them were not ready for the dancing and laughter.  Some definitely were ready.  What is the right balance??

Either way, it has been a tough week.  The students, teachers, and community are all coming around.  Their support for each other here is amazing.

I am not sure what the students will think of my quote handout.  I actually found that saying last week after my dear dear friend lost her father.  She is strong, brave, and smart.  She is amazing.  But at a time like that, I just wanted to make sure she remembers that.  I think we can all use that reminder when times are tough. 

I Guess I Love Miley

The other day as I was getting ready, I heard this classic country-folk song.  It was simple.  It was sweet.  It was a remake of a Bob Dylan masterpiece.  And I quickly fell in love with it.  I grabbed my phone, using one of the song identifier apps and tried to find out who it was.  Nothing. No results.  

As I watched the video, I knew the girl looked familiar, but I just couldn't put it all together.  And then finally i saw the credits....Miley Cyrus.  Miley Cyrus???  Seriously?  Damn all grown up.  And I admit that this is a beautiful song.  If this is her knew sound...then I am definitely a big fan.  So keep it up Miley.


Recently, Gator Guy got a tattoo down his side that says "Motivated"...written in an ancient runic language.  It is pretty sweet actually.  (And I am definitely pondering the idea of one myself some day.  However, I still image how much pain he appeared to be in, so we shall see.) 

Recently, I sometimes joke about just how "Motivated" Gator Guy is.  I mean, the Man does anything he puts his mind to, and that is one of the biggest qualities I absolutely adore about him. But the truth is...I'm jealous.  He honestly has a drive that carries him to the next level.  He worked out for 30 days in the month of January...yes 30, and even with some of them being two-a-days.  Some may call him obsessed, but I see it as determination.  Drive.  Motivation.   

Today is a blizzard.  And I thought again of his "Motivated" tattoo while My Dearest E and I were walking into yoga after driving in 14-22 inches of snow that have pretty much shut down the metro area.  Yes, it felt good to get out of the house, but more than anything, I realized that we too are "Motivated".  Because it is always the just that first step out the door that is the hardest, right?  I may not have the tattoo, but Gator Guy sure does inspire me. 

Just Breathe...And Then Read

First of all, I must say that I absolutely L-O-V-E teaching.  It makes my heart happy to get to know these kids and become their classroom "coach".  I love my commute (two stop signs & three turns which totals .3 miles).  I love that on some days I can grade papers, go to yoga, stop by the store, start dinner, and STILL be home all before I would start my commute for my last job.  I love the school, teachers, students, and overall moral there. 

However...I also must admit that Student Teaching is hard!!!  Yes.  I knew it was going to be. (My Dearest E warned me many a times!!)  But here a few of my realizations:

-  I have 3 episodes of Gossip Girl, 3 of Pretty Little Liars, 3 of Modern Family, and even Desperate Housewives on our DVR.  Hell I am sure there is more, but that is the top that I saw when looking for a recorded Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to parent entertain Mr. T with while making dinner. Instead of my Must See TV....I am catching up on videos of Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show and the life story & legacy of Muhammad.  Anyone wanna get some popcorn and join me???

-  I spend just about every night reading up on the content.  I mean, who the heck knows the details of the Byzantine Empire, Mongol Rule, and Fallout Shelters just because??  Not this girl. 

-  I just picked up a copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain.  It is the chosen book for our monthly book club.  I want to read it tonight (especially after slacking and not even starting the last book club book....Again sorry girls!!).  But honestly...Ivan the Terrible and Kievan Russia just scream "Read me!  Read me!! Read me NOW!!"

-  I do have to give myself props for learning 180 student names in the first two weeks.  Don't even ask me to tell you their last names, but I can at least call on them when they fall asleep during a video or give them a fist bump in the hallway.  

The funny thing is...I may be putting in just as much or even more hours than I did at my previous job but I am still LOVING it.  I know some days will be an absolute failure, but I also know that each and every day will start and end with a smile.  :)

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