Staple Movies

So what are your staple movies when you are sick (or recovery from surgery)??  You know the chick flicks that you have seen a million times but they are just as soothing as your mom's chicken noodle soup and your hubby's foot rub?  (Speaking of Gator Guy....Hope you are reading this one)  

For me these definite DVDs always make the cut when I'm feeling a little under the weather.  

1.  Sweet Home Alabama - Who hasn't dreamed about picking out their engagement ring in Tiffany's after that chick flick hit the screen??  And a chance to choose between these two??  Very nice.

2.  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Can you really fall in L-O-V-E in ten short days??  Sure can if it Matthew McConaughey and his sexy southern accent and rock hard abs.  

3.  Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Yes, this is the pre Sex and the City days when all Sarah Jessica Parker wanted to DANCE.  I too sooooo wanted to be on Dance TV.  

4.  Friends - Nothing helps a sick stomach (or recovery throat) than Friends, because they will be there for you, right?  I am currently going through season #10 which has one of my favorite episodes - "The One where Ross is Fine".

5.  Can't Buy Me Love - I still have to watch this one because I can't seem to find the DVD (Again Gator Guy...a quick trip to Target would be awesome.)  But just like Dance TV, I also wanted to be Cindy Mancini.  I wanted it all:  the white convertible rabbit, the feathered and slightly crimped hair, and even the suede outfit.   
6.  Coyote Ugly - Dancing on the bar, the Australian accent, and singing with Leann Rimes.  Just doesn't get any better.  

So...what are your Not Feeling So Good Staples???

It's the Moments like this...

Once we got our tree up, its been a favorite for me and Mr. T to lay under the tree and gaze up at all the  Beautiful lights.  I'm a little bummed this Christmas eve after the big surgery.  Everything went well, but I'm definitely in a lot more pain than I thought I would be and I had to skip a lot of traditions like making pies & seeing Santa.  

But again, its moments like this, that makes me realize what Christmas really is all about...Family, Friends, & Loved Ones.  

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - Best Dressed

1st Place - Cheesiest Sweater - Any sweater with a Christmas Goose is definitely a winner:

2nd Place - Cheesiest Sweater - Sweaters with this much detail on the back are also a clear winner:
 Still look fabulous no matter how ugly the sweater is:

Best Family Outfits - and the Bill Cosby sweater is pure awesomeness:

Came from another party, but too classy not to mention:

Most Creative:

Best post night outfit change - yes, those are my beloved "I heart Tebow" and "I heart Jacob" shirts:

And by far the cutest, ever:

Jingle Bell Rock

These always crack me up. Especially now on all the pain meds!!

Here's Mr. T and his two best friends.

Kat, Gator Guy, & Mr. T

McDreamy or McSteamy??

I recieved this ecard from my Dearest T this morning and it just made my day!!!  And I am more than Damn Ready to get my Damn surgery overwith!!! 

Tomorrow I will go in for Thyroid surgery (remove the left half).  And I am pretty damn nervous about it.  Not sure if its the fact that they are cutting at my freaking throat.  Or maybe because I am a Mom now and responsible for someone else other than ME.  Or perhaps I am just a wuss and need to just suck it up.  Either way, I will grately appreciate being knocked out and going off into a wonderful dream.

Just what shall I dream about????

That my surgeon is McDreamy??



Or McHoly??? 
(haha, you all knew that one was coming, right!!?) 
Either way, I am ready to get this over with and enjoy some days in bed watching all my favorite Christmas movies.

These boots are made for walkin....

Ok, maybe not walking.  And definitely not running which Nike is Oh-So-Famous for.  But seriously check out these new swooshes.  I am at lost for words.


(Shhh.... I secretly want a pair.  You know, for some house shoes.)

A Spitting Goat always fixes my Foul Mood.

Well...Tebow played a good game and I was so darn excited every time he stepped ont he field.  However, we still lost.  And to the freaking RAIDERS.  I HATE the raiders.  Yes Hate.  And I am fully aware that Hate is a strong word.  I am also fully aware the I am sore loser. 

If you couldn't tell already, I'm pretty damn competitive.  Even losing at a game of Taboo, Scrabble, or Scene It and I quickly become a bitter mess because I didn't dominate my opponents.  And now watching the Broncos lose week after week just really gets me down!! 

And so...there is one thing that just cheers me up and littlerly makes me laugh out loud.  The Spitting Goat.  Yes, this is a MUST SEE youtube video, so take a minute out of your blog browsing and make sure to watch it  :)


My Christmas wish has come early.  TEBOW is starting today!!!  I am soooo  freaking PUMPED. 
(Now if only I wasn't so hung over from our Ugly Sweater Christmas party!)

And the winner is....

Comment #9 from Kelsey!!  So send me a message Kels with your address and favorite piece and we will get the order to you!!  And here's some Holiday Favorites, in case you need that final touch to your ensemble.

Thanks everyone for entering this giveaway.  It was my first one and probably one of my last.  Honestly, I'm not sure how all of you find the time for product reviews and all that.  For me, GEMini Designs is one of my dear friends, so I've seen all her pieces in person and have purchased 3 myself!  Two for Christmas gifts and one for me...Just cause!  (The best part about the two gifts...I totally wore them a couple of time before giving them.)

Thanks my dearest...for letting me host this giveaway!!  You. Are. The. Best. 
  PS...Here's my proof.  I suppose that's how this all goes:

Giveaway: From GEMini Designs - Just in time for the holidays!!

Ok Ladies...Here's a deal if you need to finish up some shopping or want a little something special for yourself.  Or Gentlemen, if you still need a fabulous stocking stuffer for your lady...Then its time for to enter a GIVEAWAY for a piece of your choice from GEMini Designs

And the best part, is this one is from one of my dearest friends, Amanda.  We met in college but rekindled our relationship after being bridesmaids in The Wedding From Hell.  (I'll post more on that one later!!)  But she's been one of my Besties ever since!

Amanda released her Esty shop this fall and if it was up to me, I would just buy each and every one of these necklaces!!!

RULES for the GIVEAWAY to win a jewelry piece of your choice:

STEP 1)  Visit GEMini Designs and post a comment back here on what your favorite piece is.  (You can enter up to 3 times...which means 3 chances to win!!)

STEP 2)  Become a follower of Kat's Playbook.  Post a comment here once you have done so... or tell me that you already are a fantastic fan!

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Check out more of her beautiful creations:

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