Hoodie For Two

I'm not sure how I feel about this. But a part of me really wants to try it out! 

Friday Night Lights

Taking Mr. T to Friday Night Lights has become one of my favorite things to do. He looks up to the students like they are celebrities and cheers them on during every play. Going to be a great season!! 

Oh So True

Like a Basketball

Comment today from another teacher: 

I literally just want to dribble you down the hallway. 

Yes...my belly in ginormous. Like a basketball. And this one is even from last week. 

Just Roll Me Like The Blueberry Girl

Do you remember the girl in Willy Wonka that turns into a giant blueberry and is rolled by the Oompa Loompas??? Because I feel like that is going to be me. Now that I am back at school the following comments don't help either:

Student: "Whoa! How is it you get even bigger each time I see you?" 

Student: "I thought IT would have been out by now. Haven't you been pregnant for 11 months?"

Student: "I hate to sound rude but how do you walk without falling over. Seems like the weight would just make you fall."

Teacher: "When are you due?" (Oct 8th) "wow, if you make it that long we will have to start rolling you down the hallway." 

Hence my blueberry fear. And I should have punched each of them in the throat.

Will Raise Her Right

Just couldn't resist. Baby's first Bronco gear!! And it will be the first of MANY! 

Things That I Miss

1. Running - I have steered clear of all running this pregnancy.  I ran quite a bit the first go round with Mr. T and wonder if that contributed to the 7 weeks of bed rest.  This time, I am sticking to the gym and yoga, however, I just miss being able to go for a run.  The other night we had a beautiful rain storm and that would have been a perfect moment to put on my shoes, hat and go jog it out in the sprinkling rain.  I saw someone else running and glared at them in pure jealousy. 

2. Beer - Let's be honest, this should be number 1, but I just didn't want to feel too much like I have a problem.  But really...it is hard not to have a beverage especially during the summer.  There is just something about sitting on the back deck and drinking an IPA, stout, Shandy in a can....I'll take any of it.  Many have said, but you can have a glass of wine, the baby will be fine!!  However, that is not what I want.  I want a strong, flavorful, 10% IPA microbrew that comes with a cork.  Some people collect wine corks, I have a thing for Bomber Corks.  I day dream about what my first beer will be in October.  Right now, the verdict is Little Sumthin.

3. Intense Work Outs - Gator Guy is motivated...all the damn time.  And I usually am too.  I love kicking my own ass at the gym and I really miss doing it.  Especially now seeing the scale go up each week.  I seriously miss dripping sweat because I pushed my muscles to their edge!! 

4. Drinks with my dearest E - Last summer was my first being a teacher.  And my dear e was pregnant with her sweet Charlie.  Now, I'm the preggers of the group on summer #2 and we still can't indulge in some beverages and go to the local dive bar to feel better about our lives.   Next summer E!!

shorts ♥
5. Shorts - Last summer I had a pair of orange shorts.  They were pretty short, but I ended up loving them, especially after getting a little sun on my legs.  But now the thought of wearing shorts in public is terrifying.  Who wants to see these legs????  No one.  Absolutely No One.

6. Laying on my Stomach - It seems so simple, but boy do I miss it.  I finally bought a pool inner tube just so I could get a little bit of the feeling.  Still not that same. And btw, check out Mr. T's little thigh rolls!!  He was and still is just the cutest!!

7. My pre-pregnancy body - Ok, so I never looked like this cartoon...but you get the idea!  This one I think about every single freaking day.  I worked hard to be in shape.  And to see my thighs continue to grow, it breaks my heart.  Also makes me wonder wtf??  Why is it necessary for a layer of extra fat to be put on these thunder thighs??  Seriously.  I'm pretty sure my quads can carry the extra belly weight without insulation being added.  I am also terrified at the number of spider veins that have been added to my legs as well.  It is like damn Charlotte, her web, and her whole damn family has decided to camp out permanently.  I appreciate all the comments of "you look so great!  You carry the baby weight so well."  Most of the time I can be polite and say thank you.  Deep down, I am saying screw you.  You know you can see my fat ass, thighs and face.  Damn you October!!! You seem so far away!!

8. Sushi - Not a huge deal, but I would LOVE some sushi.  Its amazing how you follow all the rules to a T the first go round and blow that out of the water on child number 2.  So yes, I have had some spicy tuna rolls and other delish sushi this time.  Now I just want more.  Perhaps some saki too. 

9. Twisting and Floor Bow - Yoga has become a big passion of mine.  (Thanks E for changing my life in multiple ways).  And I LOVED to twist.  It was relaxing, cleansing, and a must do in each class.  Obviously that is out of the question now.  Floor bow was also one of my favorite poses and I miss it so.  However, on a plus side my practice has changed in other ways as I now can mostly just focus on my breath.

10. My Confidence - its true.  This pregnancy has really rocked my confidence.  From everything to I think people are judging what I wear, what I do, when I work out, what kind of mother I am, and when I will come back to work.  Before that...I was the type of person that says, screw you...I do what I want.  It is getting a little better now that I'm on the home stretch, but it is still frustrating that I am not the confident person I was before.  Damn you pregnancy!!  Screwing with my emotions!!   

Dear Pregnant Body,

Dear Pregnant Body,

You continue to change just about every tiny inch of me and the way I function every single day. I get it. It's a freaking miracle and all. But what the heck is with the middle-of-the-night-make-me-want-to-effing-scream-Charlie-horses??

This symptom is just down right cruel and just not fair.  Is the sensation of my calf muscle cramping up and not letting me breath suppose to prepare me for the real contractions?? Both are painful yes. But come on pregnant body!!! If anything it wakes me up and leaves me in a pissy mood.

So thanks pregnant body. Now I need to try to calm myself down each morning and get my positive mojo back meanwhile hating you!! 


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