A White Tee Has Never Looked So Good

That's Right.  My soon to be (or in my dreams) BFF Tim Tebow is officially a Bronco!!  And the newest Jockey spokes person.  

Seriously, how great is this pic.  I also see that Timmy is in a barn.  Perhaps he is preparing for our bareback ride across the Rockies.  But either way, I highly enjoyed seeing this picture posted by Titletown T's during my morning Facebook log in (Thanks Lori!!).

And because the White Tee is just oh so great....let's take a moment to glance at other White Tee moments.   

Oops Marky Mark....No White T for you, but this one is just worth sharing  :)  Thanks boys!

The Men Do Tell It All

Well these boys did not hold back, now did they?  ABC sure has to be ready to push that bleep button any time they talked about Frank and mostly Rated R.  I'm kind of glad that Justin did not make an appearance, because let's be honest, even though the Bachelor Pad may compete with Rock of Love, we do not want the Men Tell All episode to become the next Jerry Springer.   So what did we learn from the night?

Dear Chris N, 
Dude.  Buddy.  Seriously.  Stay away from the spray tan, tanning bulbs, and your secret love affair for George Hamilton.  Because your skin tone was frightening.  
You have brought the oompa loompa back to 2010.  And that is not a good thing. But good to see you actually talk and show your sense of humor, you dark (orange) Phantom. 

Dear Kasey, 
Kasey, Kasey, Kasey.  Well, on a positive note, I was actually able to understand you from time to time last night.  On a negative note, you sang...again.  You heart really does just bleed out love for the world, doesn't it?  Do you too shit out puppies and rainbows?  Because I'm pretty sure you eat, sleep, and sing about L-O-V-E every day of your life.  

Well my dear Tenderheart Bear, as they say...there is someone out there for everyone.  Let's just hope she like tattoos and needs to be protected.


Dear Craig R,

First of all you are a funny guy.  However, don't you dare take the spot light and attempt to compete with my dearest Chris Harrison.  You two may have similar names, but there is only one Chris Harrison in our lives.  One. 

However, the video of the 14-year-old-boys-at-heart attempting to make you wet the bed was Freaking Hilarious.  Gator Guy and I had to watch it a few times.  If only we had subtitles to hear what the mumbling monster had to say.


Courtesy of Bachelorettefans.com, I came across this video in hopes to try and find the Boys-trying-to-make-Craig-R-pee-in-bed video. Again, I have never laughed so hard during the Bach!!

Top 10 Stupidest Quotes from The Bachelorette "The Men Tell All" - Video - Bachelorette

I Love Your Smile

Yesterday was one of those days. What seemed to be every few minutes, I just had to take a quick glance of the latest favorite pic of Mr. T.  I mean, just look at that smile!!  I love it  :)

These random days still surprise me.  What is about a certain day that I just can't get my mind off the little guy?  It reminds me of when I first went back to work from maternity leave.  Between missing Mr. T like crazy, calling daycare and grandparents to check in on him every hour, and then attempting to make pumping as a career mom work...those days were long and exhausting.  

So yes, even as he's 16 months, it is days like these that I will be that mom that looks at my own blog over and over just to see more pics of my little man.  Because seriously....I just love that smile!

*Queue in the 90's music:

Seventy One Years

Can you imagine being 71?  Can you image being married for 71 years?!?  Last week, we said goodbye to my Dear Grandpa.  You can read more about him here.  But I just had to share on this blog too, because he touched so many lives.  Even the Denver Post wrote a short article about his passing.  I am so proud to be a part of this family.  And I am so proud to say that my Grandparents were married for 71 years.  
My Grandma and Grandpa Loved music.  They lived it.  They played Country Music for dances, churches, nursing homes, and parties throughout southern Colorado for over six decades.  And it was the Good Ol Country.  The kind you can tap your boots to.  

At mine and Gator Guys' wedding, we did the Anniversary Dance.  Where all married couples are on the dance floor and one by one everyone steps off according to how long they have been hitched.  Obviously the newlyweds are the first off.  But I have to say that I was again proud to see the last three couples.  My Aunt and Uncle, my parents at 39 years at the time, and my Grandparents at 66 years at the time.  Those are some good genes to have and I know that we can make it through anything.  My favorite part of the service was how the Pastor talked about Ben & Fern.  Fern & Ben.  They were two peas in the same pod.  Two peanuts in the same shell.  And that was true.  You never saw one without the other.  And I hope to follow in their path with as many years with Gator Guy by my side. 

M&M, You Complete Me

Dear Mike & Mike,
I had a nightmare last night.  It. Was. Awful.  Your show on ESPN2 was canceled.  Gone. I am sure that I shed real tears in my sleep, yelled out some explicit language, or perhaps gave an elbow jab to Gator Guy with my frustration.  My dream reminded of the day that I woke up and found that the World Cup had taken over your channel and time slot and my mood was immediately ruined. I was not able to see your faces and listen to you banter about all things sports as I dried my hair and put on my mascara.  I was truly a nightmare.   So please Mike & Mike, never leave me.  Never.  


Add it to the list ABC Family

Well, its official. Thanks to ABC Family, you can add another item to the "I am a 14 year old at heart" list:

1. Twilight
2. Gossip Girl
3. One Tree Hill
4. Greek
5. Love for Jacob
6. Crush on Zac Efron and Chace Crawford
7. Pretty Little Liars <--NEW

Yes, I saw a teaser for this one during none other than the Eclipse midnight showing (catering to the audience of course). And so I decided to DVR it and check it.  And guess what folks... Its not too late for you to join me to in my new love for the chick flick, because ABC Family will be showing a PLL Marathon this Tuesday. I've only seen one episode, so I am stoked to get caught up in the madness.  So set those DVR's and enjoy the newest fun. There's gossip, mystery, drama, and romance and its kind of like Mean Girls:

But with out Crazy Lindsey

And Yes, the romance is the most intriguing.


Loves Him....

But He...turns out to be her highschool teacher!

YIKES, I know, that just might turn you away, but don't give up just yet. Give it a try because you know that you are tired of Wipe Out & America's Got Talent.

Miley Can't Be Tamed

I'm not a huge Miley Fan.  But since my nieces introduced me to her years ago, I have always pictured her like this:

And so I was shocked to see this video on VH1 as I got ready for the day:

Wow Britney Miley.  Quite the change in this video.  (shhh.....I kind of like it)

Xoxo, Kat

Dear Frank,

Did you know that you are on the Bachelorette? Wikipedia says: the Bachelorette "is a spin-off" of the American competitive reality dating game show, The Bachelor.  Key words Frank - GAME SHOW.  As in...You. Will. Have. Competition.  

Did you know that there were 24 other men all there to also date your precious Ali? Did you think that ABC was going to pull a major twist - eeny meeny miny mo - We pick Ali to date Frank and only Frank.   Wrong.  So even though ABC has put out some spoiler teasers out there, and I am annoyed that you make it to Tahiti ,I have some advice - Suck it up Frank. You signed up for this shit, now stop your whining.

xoxo, Kat

Dear Vienna,

Even though Jake was so so so mean to you on national television and he will now have the Womack & Mesnick syndrome...which happens any time a Bach does something none rainbows and kittens, you still drive me crazy. I really do hope that you stick to your word said to my dearest Chris Harrison and put a plug on all of this and on being in the spot light.  I am ready to only think of Vienna Sausages when hearing your name.

xoxo, Kat

Dear Jake, 

Golly Gee Jake, WTF happened to you? You started out so.... throw-up-in-my-mouth-wholesome. And now your teeth clenching and fist tightening made last night so awkward that I am just not sure what to think. Best of luck finding a girl out there that doesn't watch the show.

xoxo, Kat

Dear ABC,

You are a sneaking one, aren't you??? I was so angry with you that last week when you gave a teaser and previewed to all of us who would be making to the final 3. But oh no, ABC. You were sneaky. Just like Crutch Master Justin sneaking up to the Ali's place, or Vienna sneaking to Jake's bed in the castle...you slipped in Ty's voice-over, making us all who pay attention to hair color and accents during your teasers each week, think that he was definitely in the F-I-N-A-L-S. Very Clever ABC.

xoxo, Kat

Dear My Dearest Chris Harrison, 

What the hell was that Tie??  It looked like Barney puked out a polka dot bikini.  Seriously.  Let's put that one away.  
Ps...I still Heart You. 

xoxo, Kat

ps...does anyone else read "Xoxo, Kat" as if I was The Gossip Girl?!?!  Or am I the only one that watches the show??  (Add that to my list of - I am deep down a 14 year old girl.)

Summer Jams

Summer means BBQ, Friends, Beer, Sunshine, and Good Jams.  There are certain songs that I definitely love more in the summer, and there are even some songs that are only for the summer.  For example, it just seems WRONG to listen to any Bob Marley when there's snow on the ground and I am dressed in way too many layers.

Bob is for The Beach!  The Pool!  The Sunshine.

As I make a playlist for our 4th of July BBQ tomorrow, I ask:

What are your favorite summer Jams???

Here's some of mine. 

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

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