Girls Night Out

Tomorrow Girl's Night Out.  It's the bachelorette party for my Dearest T, and I could not be more excited.  I just cannot wait to celebrate the occasion with my besties, and send her off to married life.  But I also just realized that this is my first Ladies Night since Mr. T.  And no, I'm not counting wine on the front porch.  (Which is a must repeat more often, E.)  But this is the Ladies Night where there will be laughs, drinks, and a damn good time

So to get pumped up for the event I have done the following:
1.  New Pair of Jeans - You know the kind that I don't have to ask, does this make my butt look big?  Because I already know...damn I'm rockin it.  Perhaps not rockin it like the good ol days when I was known for The Running Man up on top of the bar or perhaps voted Best Rump in HS.  But post baby confidence...Rockin it for a mom. 

2.  Cute Top - I'm pretty sure that most of the other girls will be sportin cute going out dresses.  But me?  No.  If I am oging to have a damn good time, I need to stick to a little bit of my comfort zone.   But at least its not with a sports bra!!

 3.  Accessories - I'm normally not an accessory kind of gal.  My accessory is a Gator or Bronco hat on days that I do not shower.  But I am stepping it up after always seeing some of my friends like E and my Dearest A, who always just look so darn cute. 

4.  Good Jams - As some of you know, I love music.  All music.  And so listening to my Girls Night mix today while showing Mr. T all my infamous dance moves (Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Sprinkler, and maybe a little River Dance), is just getting me pumped up to go.  What songs do you ladies (or men) love to listen to before hitting a night out????  Here's a little tease of mine:

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But I also have to ask myself, why the heck it this night such a big deal??  Well Duh because of my Dearest T.  But aside from that, why have I not had more Ladies Nights with the gals??  Mr. T is almost a year and a half.  And there was once the days when I would not miss a Wednesday Night at the Stampede

I guess it just comes down to...I am a Mom.  Yep, I'm using the excuse.  But really, its not an excuse, because I love being a Mom.  I love that an awesome Saturday night is dinner at a local restaurant patio, trip to cold stone, and in bed by 10pm.  I love that having friends over to grill, listen to music, and possibly play a little beer pong is us getting wild and crazy.


I am pretty excited to let loose (a little bit...not back to the college days!).  I don't think I can ever go back to The Days where getting ready required drinking a beer in the shower, blasting music, and out the door no earlier than 11pm.  The days where we all would shake it out on the dance floor, request some old school rap, attempt the moon walk and never get it right, and ride that bull (oh wait, that was just me!).  {sign}  Oh the good ol days.  

Cheer Ladies

PS...My dearest M, there seems to be a trend with all my going out pics...YOU!


  1. I love it!! Have a great time and the NEXT time you're up for adding more photos to that book, you know who to call :) Your dearest M. LuvU!

  2. Yay! I can't wait! It is going to be so fun.

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect Girls' Night! Next time toast with a glass of Seven Daughters'- the official wine of Girls' Night.

  4. Why Seven Daughters....We DID in fact cheer with your wine!!! And it was FABULOUS!!!

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