Career Wear

Perhaps I am not that hip or confused about what "career" attire is.   Because I was just browsing on Victoria Secret's fabulous clothing site and under the pants category called "Career", they have this:

Seriously????  Who dresses like this?  For any career.  Are you dressing like this??  Do you know someone in your office that is?  Because if so, I want pictures.  I need to see that this really does classify as "Career Wear". 
Now This...I Love, and is exactly what I would call career wear.  I shall add both the top and bottom to my Christmas List.

But Not This.  Never This.

Little Baby Teeth Marks

These two have something in common.   They both love to chew wood.

Our pup has been known to get a hold of and chew wooden handles on steak knives, fallen branches, and wooden toy blocks.  And now Mr. T has joined the club.  See those little teeth marks on the beautiful crib???  Yet another reason why I needed to clean the crib for over an hour!!  Can't have Mr. T chewing on a "poopy" crib. 
Good thing he's pretty darn cute!! 

Happy Thanksgiving

Emergency Text to Gator Guy

 "Oh dear lord.  I just walked into Mr. T's room to see that he has smeared poop all over his crib."

Its true.  My cute little well, now a poop monster.  There really isn't too much else to say.  Smeared poop describes it best. 
I'm not sure if this is all related, but this happened after a nap where I showed Mr. T the "Broken Binky".  You know, the one where you cut off the tip of the binky to show that the paci's are broken and need to go Bye Bye.   (Don't worry girls, I think it's still a great idea)  Well, he sure showed me.

Can I at least share my silver lining??? Last night was Night One of Operation Bye Bye Binky.  And it was flawless.  A few tears at the beginning, but nothing we couldn't handle and only for 2 minutes. 

Little did I know that I would be cleaning the little angel's shit for over an hour the next day. 

Snapshots on Shutterfly

Its time to get together the annual family Christmas card.  And my dearest e just shared a great deal with Shutterfly - 50 free holiday cards (Sweet!!).  You can check it out here.  There are so many choices, I just don't know which one I will pick yet.  But there are plenty of choices of flat holiday photo cards, folded holiday greeting cards, and so much more!

It's pretty obviously that I love taking lots and lots of pictures.  So I wouldn't be surprised if we pick out one of the layouts with multiple pics. 
But then again, I also love the simplicity of these with just one picture.  
I also think some of these brown selections will look great with my two brown-eyed boys.  
You can also pick out matching address labels here.
I also love this calendar.  Would be perfect for Grandma's kitchen or Daddy's desk!  Because pictures of the little one never get old!!!
Decisions, Decisions.

Operation Bye Bye Binky

I remember when I was so happy that Mr. T would take his paci, binky, or "Beday" as he now calls it.  It was our moment of silence.  Yes...I fully was a plug.  But it definitely helped him soothe which was our savior.  I can't complain having a little one  sleep through the night at 8 weeks.  But look at him...he was just so tiny and small then!!

But not too long ago, we were out to dinner with friends and we all saw what looked to be a six year old sitting at the table with a Binky in his mouth.  I mean, the kid could cut his own steak, but still needed that pacifier.  I know I know...all parents are different, but for thank you.

And so, it is operation Bye Bye Binkie.  Any thoughts on a plan?? So far I have the following:

Plan A:  Cut the Binky out Cold Turkey over the holidays while we are home more and there's tons of excitement & new toys. 

Plan B:  Wait until Mr. T's 2nd Birthday (March 2011).  Make a big deal of it, either a little goodbye moment or explain about the Binky Fairy. 

Plan C:  Take it tonight...just because.

Plan D:  Let Mr. T have it for as long and as many years as he wants.  Maybe his first girlfriend will dig it. 

What has worked for everyone else?  Any brilliant ideas??

What do tigers dream of, when they take a little snooze

Ok, so not that tiger...but let's talk about this Tiger. 

Woods was on Mike & Mike yesterday and is the buzz all over the sports and entertainment world.  You can listen to the full interview here or read a recap here.

How would your life be if that Thanksgiving day didn't happen?  If that didn't happen, I don't think I would be as blessed or as balanced as I am now.  Last November, everything I knew about myself changed abruptly.

Are you a happier man today?  Definitely.  More clear about my perspective, who I am and where I want to go.  Its amazing how much better I feel internally each and every day. 

On his thoughts about being a better player: I can't get better as a player if I don't get better as a person.  

What do you say to those that say you have used performance enhancing drugs?  Everyone is entitled to their opinion....

Tiger, what are you thankful for for this Thanksgiving?  I am thankful for my kids.  I enjoy teaching them something each and every day.  Something my dad would do.  I try to now do the same thing with my kids and its a blast. 

So what are your thoughts?  Reactions to the interview have been all over the place.  Some saying that Tiger was very fake, rehearsed, and robot-like.  Others say that he has always been a private person, and so to have this kind of reaction on a phone interview is pretty standard. 
I think it was the right time for this interview.  I think that his reaction to the questions were rehearsed, but not because a PR agent is whispering in his ear.  He is clearly going through therapy and concentracting on himself and his kids...which IMO is a must.  He said that he is happier and well balanced now.  I believe that. A man sleeping around with every skank around are not those actions of a happy man.  I am ready to see him be that player again and move on from this.
So as a golf fan (or not) will you watch Tiger?  Will you cheer him on for more championships?  We all know that other athletes (i.e. Great Michael Jordan) played around in the same extra curricular activities as Woods.  So when does it come back to the game? When will we see the same red-shirt-fist-pumping-champion-winning Tiger again?

Dear Broncos,

You complete me.  Seriously.  I might have no voice what-so-ever, but that was only because I screamed my little heart out.  I was the 12th man on the field today. 
Today was GREAT (except for one major missing dearest e.  As Willie Nelson would sing, You were always on our minds.)

But the cold weather...was actually not too shabby.  In fact, my brilliant layering of under armour was so great that I never even needed my jacket.  But that was perhaps also due to the many beers, bailey's & coffee, and a swig of Jack that Vizzle talked me into.  And, the Brats and Chili was definitely nice too!

Did I mention that we were in the VERY last row at Invesco???  And Broncos, you are still totally worth it.
Either way, today was a damntastic time and I patiently await until our names come up as winners on the season ticket list.  Only a few more years to go, right??


ps.....Can I just say that I have been at the game to see Tebow's first touchdown AND  now his frist completed pass touch down.  It's a huge deal.  And I'm still convinced that it was just him and I in that stadium during that magical moment.  As least that is what I keep telling myself. 

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