Vampires and Football

Conversation between Kat & Gator Guy while at the Bronco game:

Kat:  Oh come on.  What was that?  Orton should have just thrown it away.
Gator Guy:  I think he was tripped.
Kat:  Well he should have known he was going to be tripped.
Gator Guy:  Its not like he can see the future.  If so, he would definitely be paid a hell of a lot more.

Kat: Ooooo, What if he could see the future like Alice from Twilight.  That would be Awesome!!!
Gator Guy:  Don't ever talk about vampires at a football game again.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

That's right is almost football season.  And there are many reasons I am Oh-So-Excited for this one.  I have of course always been a die hard bronco fan.  I mean...I wore a Bronco garter at the wedding. 

But now that the coming of our beloved Tebow has brought our two worlds together, I just couldn't be more excited.  

So what I have done to prepare myself:

1.  Purchased the cutest t-shirt ever....because I just really do Heart Tebow.  You too can own the Tebow greatness by going to Title Town T's.  Visit on Facebook too!

2.  Preseason Madness - Gator Guy and I went to the first home preseason game this weekend at the beautiful Mile High Stadium and had a B-L-A-S-T.  

3.  Bronco's Training Camp - No, this isn't running sprints with the Donks or push-ups with Pretty Boy Quinn.  This is watching the preseason practice along with 100s of other crazy Bronco Fans.  So on a special Mama-Ty Day, I took little Mr. T to the Bronco's Training camp.  It was quite the adventure in the 95 degree heat and where you have to be silent on the sidelines... but we had a great time.    Tyson just can't get enough of his football....or in his words, "Pppppt-Ball"

4.  Planned out regular season games - I think my BFF's thought I was crazy for emailing them in July about what Bronco games we should all go to.  And so, I am now taking that stab again and excited to get a game on the calendar.  

5.  Bought myself this Bronco bracelet.  And where did I get it you ask....Why at the local Conoco Gas Station.  Go figure!

So now the question is...will I be that girl with the Bronco purse too?  Hmmm....decisions, decisions.

The Long Day is Over

So I think I should end every day with listening to Norah Jones - The Long Day is Over.  It really makes me take that deep breath, relax, and be thankful for my day.  Norah is just so calming.  Her and Otis Redding singing Sittin on the Dock of the Bay.  Just doesn't get any better!! 

Waiting for My Signed Copy

Dear Mike & Mike,

So back in March, I heard some AMAZING news.  You were releasing a book.  Greenie & Golic, wrote a book!!  A book full of debates and debacles about everything sports and life.  A book that I just could not wait to read. 

I was so excited, and on the release date, I headed to the nearest Barnes and Noble to pick up a new fresh copy.  I finally had it.  The Rules for Sports and my pretty little hands. 

And then I heard even better news.  That you were going on a book tour to give Mike & Mike fans like myself an opportunity to meet you, get a picture, get an autograph, and become BFFs.  I anxiously waited until you relieased your tour locations.  

And then...

I saw that you were not coming to Denver.  Seriously.  You go to West Hartford, CT & Lyndhurst, OH but you do NOT come to DENVER.  I was devastated.  I am still devastated.  I have waited.  Month after month, in hopes that you would someday make the trip to come visit The Stink.  But no.  No signed copy for Kat. 

Then I was convinced that you would make it out to training camp to give us the low down on the Tebow madness.   But no. Still no signed copy for Kat.  No BFF bracelets being made. 

So please Mike & Mike.  Please come to Denver.   Come cheer on those Broncos.  Come to Buffalo Wild Wings on Monday nights with Big Al, D-Mac, and The Stink.  But more than anything, come to Denver to hang out with ME!!!


Rock of Love has met its Match

Dear ABC,

That is right, you have brought us a new level. A Rock-of-Love level. A level that we will watch each week hoping that no one knows we are watching and actually loving each moment. You have brought a new level to the game of twister that we last probably played when we were 12. You have brought a new level of scandalousness that Prime Time has not seen with your close up camera shots and full time bikini wardrobe. Yes ABC, you have brought us The Bachelor Pad.  And yes ABC, I will watch.  Each week.  Just please do not install any poles in the mansion.  I don't know if my goody two shoes can handle that on a Monday night. 

xoxo, Kat

Dear Craig M,

Is there a flood coming that we are not aware of? Do you have the best looking ankles that you just can't help but show them off? Are you perhaps borrowing the Weatherman's pants that are obviously too short for you? Or are you really trying to pull off men's capri's?!? Either way, I have to tell you that it is a No-Go. And Hell-No. A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are you thinking?!? Whether you call them Sha-pants like Gator Guy, or Pa-shorts like The Boss, they are wrong. All Wrong. I can accept that your hair will remain Einstein-ish, but please wear pants that are your size.  Your ankles are not that good.

xoxo, Kat

Dear Elizabeth,

Blondes may have more fun, but you my dear are not a blonde. Please save the bleach and go back to your beautiful Audrey Hepburn Brunette.

xoxo, Kat

Ps...You are still crazy, but I love watching it!

Dear Kiptyn,

I Heart You.  That is all. 

xoxo, Kat

Girls Night Out

Tomorrow Girl's Night Out.  It's the bachelorette party for my Dearest T, and I could not be more excited.  I just cannot wait to celebrate the occasion with my besties, and send her off to married life.  But I also just realized that this is my first Ladies Night since Mr. T.  And no, I'm not counting wine on the front porch.  (Which is a must repeat more often, E.)  But this is the Ladies Night where there will be laughs, drinks, and a damn good time

So to get pumped up for the event I have done the following:
1.  New Pair of Jeans - You know the kind that I don't have to ask, does this make my butt look big?  Because I already know...damn I'm rockin it.  Perhaps not rockin it like the good ol days when I was known for The Running Man up on top of the bar or perhaps voted Best Rump in HS.  But post baby confidence...Rockin it for a mom. 

2.  Cute Top - I'm pretty sure that most of the other girls will be sportin cute going out dresses.  But me?  No.  If I am oging to have a damn good time, I need to stick to a little bit of my comfort zone.   But at least its not with a sports bra!!

 3.  Accessories - I'm normally not an accessory kind of gal.  My accessory is a Gator or Bronco hat on days that I do not shower.  But I am stepping it up after always seeing some of my friends like E and my Dearest A, who always just look so darn cute. 

4.  Good Jams - As some of you know, I love music.  All music.  And so listening to my Girls Night mix today while showing Mr. T all my infamous dance moves (Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Sprinkler, and maybe a little River Dance), is just getting me pumped up to go.  What songs do you ladies (or men) love to listen to before hitting a night out????  Here's a little tease of mine:

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

But I also have to ask myself, why the heck it this night such a big deal??  Well Duh because of my Dearest T.  But aside from that, why have I not had more Ladies Nights with the gals??  Mr. T is almost a year and a half.  And there was once the days when I would not miss a Wednesday Night at the Stampede

I guess it just comes down to...I am a Mom.  Yep, I'm using the excuse.  But really, its not an excuse, because I love being a Mom.  I love that an awesome Saturday night is dinner at a local restaurant patio, trip to cold stone, and in bed by 10pm.  I love that having friends over to grill, listen to music, and possibly play a little beer pong is us getting wild and crazy.


I am pretty excited to let loose (a little bit...not back to the college days!).  I don't think I can ever go back to The Days where getting ready required drinking a beer in the shower, blasting music, and out the door no earlier than 11pm.  The days where we all would shake it out on the dance floor, request some old school rap, attempt the moon walk and never get it right, and ride that bull (oh wait, that was just me!).  {sign}  Oh the good ol days.  

Cheer Ladies

PS...My dearest M, there seems to be a trend with all my going out pics...YOU!

Shoes Gone in Minutes

12:00AM - Kat checks NikeSport on Twitter: "Tebow's still aren't up yet. Hang in there"
12:01AM - Kat sprints into bedroom to make sure she knows what size Gator Guy wears.
12:02AM - Kat checks on NikeSport on Twitter again:  "Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 Mid. Buy now at NikeStore"
12:02AM - Kat clicks on the link with her heart racing.
12:03AM - Kat selects size 10.5 for Gator Guy, proceeds to the checkout, and yells out "Yes"  (along with a fist pump.
12:05AM - Kat didn't fill out credit card and mailing address fast enough and  is told that all size 10.5's are sold out. 
12:06AM - Kat attempts to buy 3 pairs of any size and clicks "Add to Cart"
12:07AM - Kat gets a message saying that All Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 shoes are completely SOLD OUT!!

Gotta be freaking kidding me.  And here I thought I was the only one staying up late.  WRONG.  But at least I got some awesome bridal shower favors done.  I will have to post pics of those soon!  

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Ready....cue in the music:

That's right folks....Just like Simba and Nala... Ali & Roberto have found each other and Can Feel the Love Tonight.  And just like ABC likes to play On the Wings of Love anything Jake related, we will forever hear Elton John's Disney classic with these two love birds. 

Dear Ali & Roberto,

I have to admit it, you are pretty stinkin cute.  Seriously.  I couldn't help but smile while watching the two of you giggle and glow during the 3 hour finale.  And Ali...good for you.  You let Chris go before he completely put his heart on a platter and picked out that ring for you.  Way to break those rules.

Yes, Here Here to the new Reality King & Queen...I really do hope you two last.  Because let's face it...the Bach Love Machine isn't keeping a good track record thus far. So here's to you proving that to be wrong and joining the Trista/Ryan club.


Dear Chris,

Chin up boy.  Chin up.  And just take a cue from the dear Kasey and give all the love that you have in your heart.  Share it.  Guard it.  Protect it.  But really...You are a sweetheart.  A nice guy.  And you have easily won over America with your sweetness.  So don't you worry...she's somewhere, out there....over the rainbow.  

And not to judge (although that's really all I do here), but before you meet your future Mrs. Cape Cod or perhaps become the next Bach...I would like you to meet your new best friend.
I often wondered, if just like the Chap Stick Girl, you too are wondering, "Where's the ChapStick?"


ps....the Where's the Chapstick video has over 7 million views.  I am in awe. 

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