3 Things - 3 Days

1.  I am going to my first ever book club tonight.  I still need to finish about 75 pages (slacker) and plan to do so on the train this evening.  The book of choice:  Sarah's Key.  Very well written, however, just a little too intense and depressing at the moment.  I had to put the book down and take 10 minutes after each read to just come back to reality. 

My suggestion for next month...something else a little more up beat or else I will pick for everyone to read this:

2.  Speaking of....obviously since I am quite the Tebow fan and soon to be his BFF, people often think of me when they read or see anything about him.  The best part...I don't ever need to research or look out for hot "Tebow" items, because everyone sends them to me right away.  Just yesterday, I was sent This Article by Sport Illustrated.  Seriously, if you are a fan, you will love it.  If you are a naysayer, just give it a try...it is another way to look at being a succesful quarterback.  Interesting.  And for more entertainment, I was sent these two videos. Both hilarious.

3.  THREE more days at my current J-O-B.  Three.

4 Things - 4 Days

1. Mr. T constantly asks, "Do you like that?" after saying or doing anything.  After taking a bite "Do you Like that?"  After rolling a car on Gator Guy's Back, "Do you Like that?"  It is sometimes cute...and yet at times sounds a little creepy.

2.  I should be doing homework or going to bed at this time.  Instead, I am facebooking and blogging.
3.  I asked Gator Guy to buy this song on iTunes for me today.  I don't know why, but I love it.  I feel like I should be doing something productive while listening to it like writing a ground breaking novel or running 10 miles.  Perhaps playing this song is the key to my homework...

4.  FOUR More days at my current job!!  Are you excited??  Because I sure am!!

5 Things - 5 Days

1.  I am still on a high about the Bronco's win today against the Chargers.  It reinforces that a close second to watching Jay Cutler fail is watching Philip Rivers do just the same.  My soon-to-be-BFF-Tebow did a fantastic job  (even when allowed to throw.)  I have to give some MAJOR props to that O-Line for letting the T-mister have an eternity in the pocket.  But either way, the win feels great and this season is looking up!!!  

2.  Thanksgiving was amazing.  Family, Food, and Fun...what more could you ask for.  Plus - Gator Guy smoked a Turkey for round two of Thanksgiving on Saturday.  He was up at 6am to begin the process while I slept sound asleep.  Hands down the best turkey I have ever had.  Strong work Gator Guy. Strong Work.
 3.  I totally skipped Black Friday shopping this year.  Probably the first time in quite some time.  For some reason, it just doesn't feel like the Christmas season yet without the hustle and bustle.  Who went out in the wee hours of the night or morning??  Any hot purchases??  I'm a little sad I missed out on 40% off at Banana Republic.  Damn you Banana...why did you not invest in the newspaper advertisement!!  However, I plan on indulging in some Cyber Monday for sure.  Anyone know of any HOT DEALS??  I plan on checking out Sports Authority for gifts, Bath & Body Works for face wash, and Victoria's Secret...well because, Mama needs a new sexy bra. 

4.  I did a sake bomb for my first time at my bestie's bday dinner.  Any "shot" that involves chugging beer is a win in my book.

5.  FIVE MORE DAYS at my current job.  Yes.  Five.  (Stay tuned for the next chapter in my life).

At the Stroke of Midnight

I will be watching this....

With all other 14 year old girls.

Don't worry...I'm not a first timer...

PS...It was a sign that this song played during yoga tonight.  
Yes, I downloaded it ASAP. 

Forever Lazy - Complete with Great Escapes When Duty Calls

I am not sure which is worse.  The Pajama Jeans or the now slight-step-up-from-the-snuggie, The Forever Lazy.  Really?  That's the best name the marketing department could come up with?? 

Just think, you too can sport the "Asleep on the Job Gray" or "Workday Blues" showing no shape, figure, or motivation to do anything.

And don't you fret about needing to undress to use the bathroom...this wardrobe even has that covered with zipper hatches in the front AND back for (and I quote) Great Escapes When Duty Calls.
So yes, I might wish from time to time that I could rock some scrubs or even a uniform so I don't need to decide on what to wear every day, but goodness...this is a whole new level.  And we wonder why we are the fat and lazy culture.  Aside from the next trendy Pub Crawl, I cannot imagine anyone  splurging on this oversized baby onesie.  But then again....look at how awesome it would be for that neighborhood happy hour?  It is just so flattering and says, "Why Yes, I am available...don't worry, we have the hatches."

Twenty?? Are you kidding me?

That's right!  The Duggars are pregnant....Again!  That is T-W-E-N-T-Y children.  I am at a lost for words. 

Do you think they still send out birth announments?  Or perhaps it's just included in their annual Christmas letter template. 

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