March Madness Goooals: Sit Ups

I started my Goooals for 2010  in place of the usual New Years resolution.  I have now added & conquered (woohoo) The Morning Stretch and Getting Organized.  My March Madness Goooal will include:  Sit Ups. We all know crunching away the flab is good for us, and you can never do too many.  I never get done with my Sit Ups and think, "Damn, I really should have finished that ice cream instead.

Obviously being a Mom means I am short on time.  And when I'm at the gym or on a run, I always put off my Sit Ups because that's something I can just do at home, right?  I don't need to do it at a special mat or gigantic ball at the gym....So I will just put it off for later that night, right?  Wrong.  It never gets done.  And so even though I cannot add more minutes in the day, I can dedicate 5 minutes to my Get Ready For Bed routine and add in my Sit Ups.  And so here we go, March Madness.  Give me those abs that I once had. 

Tally Up the Sharts...

When Mr. T was first born, Gator Guy and I would track everything down on paper.  Everything.  As most new moms do, with their new breastfeeding worksheet from the hospital in hand, I realized what a handy little way it was to track what the heck is going on and continued this for weeks. Of course using a simple piece of paper and pen (rather than the much overrated Itzbeen), we would track each time Mr. T would eat, how long he would breastfeed on each side, and what his diaper was like:

Wet, Poopy, and Sharts.  Yes...Sharts

Gator Guy and Along Came Polly describe it best:  "You know when you fart and a little shit comes out?  This is called a shart." 

And in my postpartum-little-sleep-daze-of-a-mind-set, tallying it up and tracking Mr. T's Sharts seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do!

The Shed: Months 3-9

At the time 3 months rolled around, I was back at work and trying to balance it all.  There were many days when I thought How the hell am I going to do ALL of this.  But as I said during The Shed: Months 0-3, you just have to make the time.  So here's what I made the time for:

1.  Boot Camp - There's a class at our local rec center with Jillian Michaels' missing twin as the trainer.  It's 60 minutes of basically just kicking your ass.  And so, I got my game face on twice a week and my results really paid off!

2.  Lose It iPhone App - So I love to track things.  Write things down.  See my progress.  So when I found the Lose It application on my beloved iPhone, I fell in L-O-V-E.  Every day I logged what I ate and just what exercise I did to get my butt off the couch.  More than anything, this app taught me about how to eat right.  Yes, I still splurg on Cold Stone, Burgers, and Bagels.  But I know to not have that all in one day.  And I now know what unnecessary extras to cut out.  
For example - Oil and Vinegar at Subway.  Cut out that oil.  Has way too many calories, and realistically all I really want is the flavor of the vinegar.  

3.  Get On the Road Again - Just like Forrest Gump, I got back out on the road again. and I was ruuuuunnnning!  It was a slow start and I could barely run 2 laps around the track to begin with.  But I stayed with it and now completely back on track. 

4.  Drink Lots of Water - Come on...Let's all be SMART about it.  You know its cool to drink water!  

 6.  Get Your Groove Back - I'm sure Gator Guy would tell you that there was endless complaining when it came to my body and the bread dough belly.  For me, overcoming this was a huge obstacle.  I needed to take advantage of each step forward and reward myself.  When I completed a good work out week - I bought myself a new iTunes song.  When I finally squeezed that Boo-Tay into a smaller pair of pants, I got a cute new top to go with it.  And when possible, I rocked it just like any other rock star would.  Confidence can really go a long way!

7. Its the Final Countdown - I am all about setting Gooooals.  And so once I realized that Dec 20th would mark 9 months post baby...I knew it was time to get my game face on.  I'm that girl that works great under pressure, and I knew that I wanted to lose all 50 lbs in 9 months.  And so, in the words of my once Scottish Track Coach - Balls Out Kathy, Balls Out.  And so, I finally did it and lost all 50 lbs and now I am just on track to keep it off! 


IMO, the following items are so Overrated:
  1. Bottle Sanitizer. We live in the burbs with good, clean water.  I think with a little hot water, soap, and boiling pot from time to time is just fine.  Save the cash.

  2. Wipe Warmer. First of all, it freakin dries out the package of wipes, even if you put a little water in the bottom.  And second of all, I was not going to take the chance of Mr. T getting used to the luke warm comfortness, just to be shocked and pee himself (or me) in the cold air the first chance we were away from the Wipe Warmer. 

  3. Shopping Cart Cover. Pre-motherhood, pre-pregnancy, and even during the babies-on-the-brain phase, I thought these shopping cart covers were the cutest thing I had ever seen.  I could not wait to get one.  Wanna know how many times it made the trip to the Grocery??  TWICE.  Once. Twice. That's it.  With everything else you have to remember, gather, and get together, it was just yet another thing to the list.  But in the wise words of my hair stylist, "Every kid needs to chew on a little shopping cart".

  4. Two of everything.  Now I totatly agree that you need lots of burp rags and bibs.  But two bobbys, two changing pad stations, two bumbos.  Unless you have two babies, two of freaking everything is just a waste of TOO much money!  I once read on The Bump to have duplicates of everything downstairs.  But I am against that for two reasons.  One, I don't want my house infested with baby everything and look like isle 12 at Babies R Us.  And Two, The Shed worked off those 50 pounds because I got my fat butt off the couch and walked upstairs for changings.

  5. Bassinet.  Ok, I'm ready to get flamed for this one, but let me just start by saying I know that everyone is different.  Everyone has different parenting styles and we all turn out just fine.  But when the best NICU nurse, a.k.a. my sister-in-law, told me that she had all 3 of her girls sleeping through the night in 6 weeks, I quickly took notes!  And so, we did not use a Bassinet.  In fact, aside from a couple of snuggling naps, Mr. T. never slept in our room.  He slept in his crib, in his room, from day one.   Again, I know everyone is different, but my logic told me why would I want to phase him into the crib months later when it can be done all in one step. 
  6. Itzbeen.  I remember reading that other Bumpies had raved about the Itzbeen.  A little device that shows you how long Itz Been since you last changed his diaper, fed him, etc.  I thought it was great and added it to my must have.  But after coming up to that grand total of just how much and expensive babies are...the cheap thirfy side of me that Gator Guy has tried in engrain said, wanna know what the best Itzbeen is...A Piece of Paper and a Pen.  Imagine that!!  here

Quotes while watching the Bachelor

Gator Guy:  "He apparently turns into a dirty pirate with her.  Arrrr Matey"
Gator Guy:  "She (Vienna) kind of makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit"
Kat:  "Thank you!  I just so do not see it."

Gator Guy:  "Nice tutu" - when seeing Vienna's swimsuit, again.  Seriously V, you know you are on the Bachelor.  Buy more than one swimsuit.  And one without the frillies that only 3 year olds wear.  

Kat: "Ugh, they just love to show her ass". 
Gator Guy:  "That's just because they are sick of showing her face."

Gator Guy:  "Now he just wishes now he had a girl named...Vienley"

So yes, not only does Gator Guy watch the Bach, but he Loves it!  Just don't tell his boys!  Or his man card will be stripped away.   

P.S.  Jake - Please do not ever try to get down, shake your groove thang, or pump it again.  That was just embarrassing.

At what age do men...

Begin to put their hands down their pants, zone out, and watch football.

I say...about 10 months old! 

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