Love Man

I'm quite random when it comes to my song downloads.  My most recent iTunes purchase, is Otis Redding - Love Man.  This is of course from Dirty Dancing.

You know...right after she carries in the watermelon and its time for some dir-tay dancing. 

Ps....i want this shirt. 

But this is the kind of song that really makes it feel like summer.  It makes me was to get in this.

And wish I was a 1960's surfer girl like this. 

Or this is just how I cruise around on my board like this.
Either way, summer is here and I am lovin it!! 

I Don't Want to Wait...For Our Lives to be Over

Ready....Queue in the music.

Yes, I could not help myself by secretly wishing Chris Harrison would queue in Paula Cole's "I Don't Want to Wait" as James Van Der Beek Bachelor Joe was on his date with Emily last week.  I mean seriously...this dude is like a long lost twin, younger brother or some sort of twisted version of Dawson himself.  These picture may not do it justice, but I swear even watching him talk just made me think that Joey Potter was going to come around the corner with her constipated smile wanting Dawson back in her life. 

Dawson/James Van Der Beek

Bachelor Joe

Either way, I shall be watching tonight as Em has to decide between which douche bag she will keep and which she will say farewell to. there seriously an Alejandro and Alessandro???  Come on ABC, you couldn't have one of these dudes go by Alex or even Sandros??   Not to mention, both of them look like they are growing facial hair for the first time in their life.  Come on guys, hop off the Mustache May wagon, because is not a good look for you.

Mother's Day = Spa Day

Today my card from Gator Guy said:

"Today, I'm remembering how you looked that very first time you held our newborn son so tenderly in your arms.  In that moment, I didn't think I could love you more...but I do."

Definite tears with that one.  It was then complete with a gift certificate for a day at the spa.  A DAY!!  Massage, facial, mani, pedi, and lunch.  I cannot wait and I will be booking that as soon as school is out for summer in two weeks!!!

Thanks Mr. T and Gator Guy.  I could not be happier than I am with you two boys in my life.

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