Ready...Get Set...Its Monday

So instead of the typical New Years Resolution, I started my monthly Goooals.  In January, I set out to wake up and stretch first thing every morning.  But I have to be honest...this Gooooal was a hit or miss.  I just kept forgetting to do my yoga-like-stretch-moves before jumping in the shower.  So I will continue to work on that one.  But I must say, mornings that I did get that stretch in...I felt Fantastic!!  

For February I have decided to Get Organized.  And not necessarily organize the whole house  (write that one down for later). But instead to get my week off to a good start for both myself and Gator Guy.  I want to take some time once a week and pack snacks, lunches, and plan out dinners.  I know there's so much more I can do to get ready for that dreaded Monday, but I'm starting out small with my snacks.  The easy part, is I will just have to do this 4 times to achieve my goal in February (and yes, the goal is to continue all my Gooooals and make them a lifestyle).  But the bonus of this one, is it will hopefully cut back on spoiled produce that sits in our fridge because I forget to bag it all out for us to chow down on.  

And so, here's to you Ziplock, or target brand Up and Up bags, I will use (and reuse) you in February so that I can sucessfully keep up my 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. 

Here's your 15 minutes Jessie

Dear Jessie
You poor poor thing. ABC just doesn't think you were worth any time at all.  From day one you have been a "filler".  I had not seen you say a word until you joked that Gia would fall off the back of the motorcycle and said you would puke if he chose Vienna (wouldn't we all).  Sadly I never once saw you talk to Jake.  They didn't even show your One on One with him on the INN date.  Sad Jessie.  ABC thought 2 minutes of Jake walking with the rose and burning it in the fire was more important than 45 seconds of questions with you. Even Ashleigh's awkward-I-don't-have-anything-to-talk-about-but-will-still-wrap-myself-around-Jake One on One got more attention.  And even hide and seek in the vineyard and Jake holding Gia like a monkey made more prime time than you Jessie.  It was not until the end as you gave him your warning that ABC finally gave you a voice.  Good for you for warning him.  I thought for sure the crashing-cars-and-Daddy-writes-a-check would have been a deal breaker, but I guess not.  Jessie, join me in this cheer:  Who's Vienna's Favorite Guy: D-A-D-D-Y  Daaaaaddy! Daaaaaddy!

Oh yeah, and here's Chris' blog

Must Haves for Mama: 0-3 Months

Last week I posted what my Must Haves for the babe months 0-3 were.  Looking back there are definitely some must haves that I had to have for myself:

1.  Comfortable clothes - non maternity:  I was definitely sick of all the maternity clothes, especially the pants.  The Greatest Mom in the World ran to Target and Old Navy right after we got home to pick me up some Lg sweat pants and underwear.  Yes, I needed larger underwear!

2.  Breast pads:  I remember looking at the box and thinking, wow, these come in packs from 36-100, can I just get 10?  I don't think I will go though all 100.  Umm....I now know the answer is Yes.  At least all 36!  Get em and use them!

3.  Rocking Chair - with a high head:  Not sure the best way to describe this, but while shopping for rocking chairs, we chose this one mostly because of the size.  Mr. T's room was small and the cute sofa chairs would be way too overpowering.  However, hindsight 20/20...Loved my chair because I could rest my head back during those many many late night feedings.

4.  Lanolin Breast Cream - This cream is a definite Must Have.  And is completely safe for the babe to feed just after application.  My suggestion - buy two.  One for home and one for the diaper bag.  This brand is good too.  I had both and liked both. 

5.  Lotion:  Yes the stretch mark zone was gone, but my skin definitely needed some additional lotion.  I loved this Milk lotion from Ulta.

6.  Medela Sleep Bra:  I was not a fan at all of the breast feeding bras or tank tops.  Seems like the holes or slits always seemed to be in the wrong place or rub.  I stuck with just normal bras, sports bras, and built in bra tank tops.  However, this sleep breastfeeding bra was very comfortable (ps...just don't put it in the dryer...will definitely shrink!)

7.  Breast Pump:  Definitely a must have, but my advice - Wait until you know breastfeeding is going to work before making the big purchase.  Sometimes it just doesn't work out and it is definitely worth sending out Grandma or the Hubby to pick this one up after wards.  I know this is very hard to wait for some of us control-planning freaks!

8.  Cooling Breast Pads:  I know it sounds crazy, but if you can find a gel pack for heat and cold that would be great!!  I used both!

9.  A good Camera:  Because let's face it...the babe will be the cutest-most-precious-thing you will ever lay your eyes on and instantly love.  And you will quickly take hundreds and hundreds of pics! 

Here's some of my favorites from the first 3 months:

Must Haves for the Babe: 0-3 Months

Perfect timing my Super Fly E, I was just working on this post when I saw yours about registering.  Both Super Fly E and Dr. BFF are due this spring and I couldn't be more excited.  Even Gator Guy was super cute this weekend and said that he cannot wait to hold a newborn again.  Ready, all together...Awwww!  As they get closer to the big Birth Day, I have been thinking about what were the Must Haves that I just...well....had to have.  There are of course the necessities like a crib, diapers, car seat, stroller, swing, bouncer and clothes.  But here's some other things that I just couldn't live without:

1. The Boppy - Seriously, this was a lifesaver when it came to feedings.  Plus Mr. T got some use from it practicing his tummy time and needing a snug place to sit.  

2.  Pampers Swaddlers - There is just something about those first poopy diapers that are EXPLOSIVE!!  So get those swaddlers that hug in all the right places.  Ps...load up on the laundry detergent.

3.  Sheet saver - Its tough being on the outside and learning to breath and swallow all at the same time.  Spit up happens, and happens a lot, especially at night.  The sheet saver....saved the sheet.  Instead of washing sheets EVERY night, the sheet saver gave us an extra one.  My advice - get two of these.

4.  Sound Machine - I received this brilliant gift at a baby shower and Mr. T still listens to soothing Rain while drifting off to a deep slumber.  It also projects images of dancing sheep, stars, and jungle friends on the ceiling for his entertainment.

5.  CD Player and Good Baby Jams - Along with the Rain, Mr. T listens to his baby lullabies each night.  I actually used to listen to my Sleepy Time Music all the time.  I figured that since good old Pavlov's trick worked on me to get me to sleep, why not try it on the babe.

I Should Have Kissed You

Kiss me, kiss me not, kiss me, kiss me not.
Dear Elizabeth,
I was a fan of you on the first episode when you brought the football out and showed your spiral.  Because well...I'm a football girl, duh.  Who else has their wedding reception at the Bronco's stadium?!?  And yes, I too was intrigued by you blue eyes and mysterious personality.  And then you started to get a little crazy.  Were you perhaps roommates with Michele?  Because there were so many different "switches" and I just don't know if you knew which one was "on".  The more and more you asked if Jake wanted to kiss you (or not kiss you, or maybe kiss you), the more awkward it became...even just to watch.  Those blue eyes quickly turned into the eyes of a siren.  And no...not Siren from American Gladiator...the dangerous Sirens from Greek Mythology.  Either way...I think we were ALL confused.

Dear Vienna,
There are many things that come to my mind when I hear your name:  Annoying, weird, goofy eye, a little white trash and sausage!  I'm sure you were named after the beautiful Austrian Village, but I choose to think of the canned meat.  And just like no one wants to eat canned meat, looks like none of the girls want to be around you.  Your spiderman kiss was so cheesy. I don't think I can talk about your one on one any more, because basically I would rather not start my day with gagging.

Dear Michele, 
Oh honey.  You are desperate and in every way.  The next time you are on a date, try to avoid going on about how much you want a husband and grandbabies without mentioning the man you are actually talking to.  Try to lay off the death stares when someone else is talking to your "man"...because its really creepy.  And really try not to yell at him for the pitiful kiss that you finally got. You may just need to rethink a few things.  Like perhaps schedule a little one on one time with a local therapist.

My shout outs:
Ali - You were my front runner from the beginning.  And I think you still are.  You let the claws out and will have some haters, but hey...I like it!  Maybe because my claws come out and it makes me feel better you are not so cute and perfect. 
Kathryn - I think you are makin your way up there...and I think your name rocks  ;)
Gia - You are slowly warming up to me.  I unfortunately judged your injected lips to be fake and now changing my mind. 
Tenley - You are still the perfect Disney princess to me, but I think that is perfect for Golly Gee Jake.
Corrie - Hilarious impressions.  However, I would have liked to see your Michele.
Ashleigh - dry those tears girlfriend, and you can always win it with the blonde jokes.
Ella - Please tell me the show had your permission to fly your boy out??  And cute necklace.
Jessie - I'm sorry, Who??

And here's Chris Harrison's blog for the week.  Marky Mark, you ain't lying...this season the most dramatic season yet!

Kat's Golden Thoughts...About the Globes

Fabulous as always...

Best acceptance speeches...
Their shout outs to their hubbies were a tear jerker:

Classy in every possible way... 
so humble that we should all take notes:

(Yes this was not Helen this year, but either way,
I want to look like this when I am her age)

Definitely have seen better days:

Love her...but really?  What is with the hair, makeup, and earrings??

Yikes Matt...and lay off the during-the-awards-PDA...
we totally get that you are in a committed relationship.

Cameron, you are so beautiful, but I don't know what it is about this one.
Its just not working for me. 

I Cannot STAND:

Drew, does the dress also come with a fiber optic light show?
I was waiting for your ferret-porcupine accessories to either light up or crawl off your shoulder.

Everything about this girl annoys me.
I was begging for her not to win so I wouldn't have to watch her talk.

Oh Dear God
Put Those away MeMe!! 

Got Dressed for the wrong event:

Julia, I really do Heart you.  And I think this is super cute...if you were just attending.  But when you are up for the globe against Sandra Bullock, Marion Cotillard, and Meryl Streep (x2), you gotta dress the part.

Ok girl from singing primetime show that I know nothing about...Wow.  The barbie gown is way way WAY too much.  Did you see how ridiculous you looked on stage?!?

Seriously??  This also goes under who I CANNOT stand.
Shouldn't she be behind the microphone interviewing the stars?

Samuel thought he was going to the Harry Potter premiere...
Or perhaps a Where's Waldo convention

So super freaking cute I just can't stand it:

Seriously Jen...I hope this is the one for you because you really do look so happy!

Eat your heart out Brad....Jenn is lookin AMAZING!

They are my new favorite Hollywood couple

However, I am also a fan of these two:

(not seen together at the globes, but hoping to last at least a full year!)

Who never ever ages:

Leo...seriously, what is your diet and exercise plan?
I found this blog that shows his aging...or lack there of.

And Finally...I am pumped:

Finally a freaking hilarious comedy won!

PS...I still have not seen Avatar

The Shed: Months 1-3

How did I do it:
So yes, it was definitely a slow start.  I had expected to be out running in a couple of weeks, forgetting the fact that most doctors tell you to wait for exercising until 6 weeks.  So feeling how different my body was post baby, I was in total Shock!  I did desperately asked my Dr for the clear to start working out before the six week mark.  He said, "Just stick with what you know, don't push yourself, and listen to your body."  DONE.  

1.  Get Moving:  I have always been amazed at how much weight contestants lose during the first week on the Biggest Loser.  Not that I was a 400 pound mother, but I took the same reasoning.  Normally, 10 minutes of stretching or walking a few blocks was not a "work out" to me.  But during the first few weeks...oh it counted!!  Every damn step!!

2. Write it Down:  I keep track of all work outs in a Google Calendar.   Super easy, I can check it when I check my email, and I can "share" it with Gator Guy to keep me on task and hold me accountable.  As I just now looked back to my work out calendar, I saw that my first "work out" was during week Three.  This week consisted of: 

    • Monday - 10 min work out video
    • Wednesday - 1 mile walk
    • Thursday - 20 min Jillian work out video
    • Friday - 20 min on Arc Train (similar to an elliptical)
So as you can see...BABY STEPS.  But the fact that I wrote it down helped me see the progress I was making.

3.  Pick it Up:  Just shortly after my "take-it-easy-work-outs", I began...TurboJam!!!  This truly was a challenge (and a lot of fun too).  I was shocked at how my core muscles turned to MUSH...absolute Mush. You would think that carrying around my Octo-momish-belly would have strengthen something.  That's a Negative Ghost Rider.  And so, Chalene Johnson, her perky encouragement, and crazy dance moves really got me moving and the pounds dropped quickly!

4.  Make the Time:  I was always so worried if I would have the time to work out, get everything done, and be a mom.  But the truth is, you just Make the Time.  Some of you are probably thinking that I must not be as busy as you are.  And that may be true, but it was important to make working out a priority for both myself and Gator Guy.  Between going to the gym, working out at home, going for runs, and adding the flexibility to do this at any time of the day (including after Mr. T goes to bed) just how we Made the Time.

5.  Know your Numbers I didn't want to be obsessive about it (like how Gator Guy weighs himself before and after going to the bathroom just to laugh at how much he just "dropped off"....I know...Gross).  But I did weigh myself on Tuesdays.  Biggest Loser Tuesdays.  I figured there is nothing like sitting in front of the TV for TWO WHOLE HOURS to remind myself that I need to get my butt off the couch and weigh in.  I would also record measurements of my arms, legs, boo-tay, and waist.  And yes the waist included a standing-up-straight-Posture-Measurement" (a.k.a. suck it in as if I was out in public), and the relaxed-no-one-is-looking measurement. 

Finally, By month 3 my workouts (4-5 times per week) consisted of:
    • Turbo Jam
    • Boot camp class at our local rec center (1 hour of kicking my ass!)
    • Back to running (1-3 miles).  Did this with and without my IronMan Jogger.  I would even throw in curls with the jogger, lunges and all kinds of extras to do on the road with Mr. T
    • Yoga (Someday I will get to be a yoga champ like my good friend E, but for now, its here and there and helps me relax)
    • Stairclimber (walking up straight, turning to each side, and then backwards will get all different sides of your legs.)
    • Stationary Bike
    • Weight lifting (however, during month 3, most of my weights were during my boot camp class

AW: Nine Months On...Nine Months To Take It Off

So everyone told me NINE months to put the weight on... NINE months to take the weight off.  During the first two trimesters of my pregnancy, I thought: Yeah freaking won't take ME nine whole months.  I had planned to train for a marathon in October 2009 and  I laughed when The Dad said, "You just wait until you surpass Gator Guy's weight".  Again: Yeah freaking right...not ME!  I remember looking back at The-Greatest-Mum-in-the-World saying, "the Doctor said 25-30 pounds, so that is what I am going to stick with."  HA.

A BIG FAT HA, I  now say to my 20-weeks-pregnant-self and to my close to octo-mom-ish-self.  (And then I cry a little bit).

The truth is...I gained more than the recommended 25-30 pounds....DUH.  Put a girl on bedrest for 7 weeks and not only does that belly continue to grow, but so does that Boo-Tay.

Total weight gain: 50 big ones.

So here I am NINE months after Mr. T joined our little family, with all 50 big ones outta here...gone....history!!  And yes, those of you keeping track, it is a little more than NINE months, but I wanted to make sure I could get through the holidays successfully....which I did.  Yay for me!

So yes, I will take my AW (Attention Whore) moment, and give myself a huge pat on the back.  I have never been big on compliments and quickly change the subject when given one.  But when people would say I looked great post Mr. T, I proudly said, "Thank you, I have been working really hard!"

So long 50 big ones...

Stay tuned, because I will fill you in on How I Did It.


Ok, so I have been pondering about my New Years Resolutions. Yes, I know I am a week late.  I've thought about a Top Ten, or highlighting certain items from my My 101 that I could concentrate on for 2010.  I've thought about weight loss goals, running goals, and productivity goals.  But I just couldn't make up my mind.

However, I do know that goals and resolutions are best when they are attainable, measurable, and rewardable!  And so, I decided to take it month by month. Just one step in front of the other. Each month in 2010, I will focus on one Goal.  One Goal that I will attempt to master in 30 days.

So here we go....she shoots.....she scores....Goooaaaalllll:

January...The Morning Stretch.

The other day, Dr. Oz, talked about the Seven Daily Deadly Sins.  And number one was:  Not stretching first thing when you wake up.  Think about it.  Every animal and cartoon character does a cute little morning stretch as soon as they awake for the day.  So why not add Kat to that list. 

So join me in playin some good morning jams and a little morning stretch to set your day right!!  Goal number one...Here we go!! 

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