Pickles, Tears, and Darrell Green

Here I was, taking advantage of the lazy weekend and getting rest during my recent fatigued pregnancy. Hey now...gotta soak it for what its worth. I of course was craving just about anything I would see a commercial for. But I did form into the stereotypical madness of craving those mouth watering pickles. And so...while Ryan was out, I began to munch and munch and chow down the entire jar. But don't you worry, I didn't just stop there....Must have More. My hormonal craving needed that salty-vinegar-goodness. What does a girl do?

Cheers!! Drink it up. And that is exactly what I drank while sitting with my feet up.

I stumble upon the NFL Hall of Fame show. And yes, it was very touching even though I had never even heard about the players being inducted. But once Darrell Green got up on that podium and begin talking about his teammates....waterworks! The tears started flowing. And not just a cute little tear here and there where I dab a tissue to not ruin my makeup.

Oh no... Just as Heidi demonstrates below, this was a sobbing-snotty-mess that I just could not control.

The Beginning of the Bump

It's very interesting to me now. A year ago, I was so happy of my new Bump, that I wore it proudly. I was surprised and excited that I started to show so early. I also found it funny that some thought I was just "pushing" out my belly to get that pregnant glow so early. Now, I don't know about you...but I think my stomach muscles are pretty well trained for those tight-dresses-or-bikinis-when-you-suck-in-as-much-as-you-can days. But either way, the Bump was there and I was feeling fantastic.

That was then...and boy is it different now. Now, my so called "bump" is still there. However, it is definitely not the cute bump that I proudly wore around town during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Now...I am very grateful for the style of clothing with empire waists and flowery patterns that can hide my very similar bump that I used to be oh so proud of. Here are some of those first proud moments:

All Niners

Yesterday was the day. The big Niner. The Ninetacular day that all of us nerds that make a wish at 11:11 or 12:34 look forward to. The Ninesational day that was just as big as 8/8/08. And even though this date had less meaning to brides falling on a Wednesday, as opposed to 8/8/08, it was still a cool day for me. And by cool...I mean I went to work, came home, played with Mr. T and the hubby, ate dinner, worked out and went to bed. So maybe not the most Ninetactular day for me, but I still made notice. Here I sat at my computer just staring at the clock saying 9:08am. Just waiting...Waiting for it to click over to the magical 9. Did anything special happen? Did I hold my breath waiting for a special call or anything? Nope, nothin. But I did post something on facebook about it...naturally.

And I have to admit that I am a little jealous of all the Mamas that had their babies on 9/9/09. Even in Denver, there was a family that welcomed their fabulous little one at 9:09am on 9/9/09. Seriously, take that baby to Vegas. Of course they will have to wait until he is of legal age, but still, I would love to see what kind of luck this little babe will grow up to have.

Mr. T's birthday was on 3/20/09. I had thought of many dates that would be neat. Yes, being a nerd and being on bed rest makes you come up with every reason to put your energy and good vibes on, "Maybe this will be the day". I of course was convinced he was going to be early so i thought about 2/22 - because who doesn't love 2's. 3/3/09 - 3 times 3 equals 9. 3/6/9 - multiples of 3. And with the luck of the Irish - wouldn't want a little Saint Patty's baby on 3/17. Then I also went through a phase that something was going to happen on a 2 or 7 (Crazy hormonal logic). So I when I dig for it....I finally got my 2, with Mr. T born on the 20th. And my 7...born at 3:17am 7 pounds 7 inches.

I may have not had the 9/9/09 in my corner, but let's just give a little shout out to those babies born on the Ninetacular day and to the Number 9.

It Ain't Easy...Being Queasy

You always see in movies that the first sign of pregnancy is the sudden rush to the Porcelain God. I honestly thought this was just a stereotype and it would never happen to me. Yeah fricken right. I quickly learned that Morning Sickness is real...yes very real...and not always just in the morning. Unless of course "Morning" means 24-hours, then Yes.

Morning Sickness is also very different from those good-ol-college-hangover-days (or post college when you think you can party like you are still in college - when will we ever learn??). For those days, or even a good ol' stomach flu, once you hurl you feel better. You get all the yucky crap out and its time for the greasy foods. But with pregnancy...not so much. That little baby in there rocks your hormones and...well let's face it...just about every aspect of your body. And so that stomach of yours just can't hang.

For me, I used the following ways to help the queaze:

  • Ginger, Ginger, Ginger - Snaps, chews, and ale. I tried it all. My favorites were the ginger chews.
  • Vitamin B6
  • Eat 5-6 small meals during the day
  • Avoid nasty smells (fish, poultry, horrible cologne, and wet dogs.)
  • lots and lots of H2O
  • High protein foods - lovin the peanut butter!
  • Take prenatal vitamins before bed

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