Let's face it...for many of us. having a drink here and there is just part of our social lives. But what about those few weeks or even longer when you have had the BFP, but don't really want to spread the word just yet. You can either One...go into hiding. Hang out with just the hubby, because let's be will be spending a lot of time together...might as well get use to it. Or two...Be sneaky about it. I did a little bit of both. We found ourselves not really hanging out as much as usual, but I also got creative.

How to hide from your BFF's the BFP:

  • O'doul's in a glass - Non alcoholic beer that still looks and tastes just like your average cheep-like-a-PBR beer - And even better when your hubby or someone in the loop can pour it in a glass.
  • Peel the label - when you can't pour your O'doul's in another glass, just order a non-alcoholic version of your favorite and peel off the label. Don't most of us peel off those labels anyways?? Or is that just a Freudian issue we should not get into ...
  • Tonic water with lime,In a short glass - The key is short glass. If you ask for a non-alcoholic drink you typically get a tall glass that says, "Hey I'm not drinking! Could I get a Shirley Temple with that??" But if you get it in short glass, no one will ever know. (Also a good move to pull when your BFF's have had too much but you don't want to "cut her off just yet". Order the short tonic minus the gin, and they will never know!)
  • Tell your BFF's that you are counting calories. Everyone is trying to shed some pounds here and there. So be that girl and start complaining days in advance about how you are feeling fat and want to lose a few. That way, they will not be too surprised when you turn down the 100s of calories in those delicious drinks.
  • Training for a race - For those of us runners, we often lay off the booze or cleansing just before a big race. Making this a habit is great for your body, and great for tricking those BFFs.
  • Say you are just too hung over from the night before - always throw in some stories about calling Jay Culter a fat kid, taking pictures with cops, or breaking the new mechanical bull record, and they will more than likely believe that you had a rager the night before.
  • Avoid the extra olives and pickles. Not necessarily alcohol related, but I know that it was a dead give away for my sister-in-law when I downed a jar of pickles.
  • Coke with a lime - Actually adding a lime or garnish in just about anything will make it seem like the real thing.
You might ask, how do I order all of this without my girls knowing? That is when it gets tricky. This is when you either buy your drink separately, offer to get all the drinks at the bar, or go talk to the waiter just like you would if it was someone's birthday and you wanted the very obnoxious staff to come clap, sing, and throw on a sombrero.

And I'm still not sure how to order something to fake out your wine drinkers. So please share, if you have any ideas. And Cheers to O'Doul's.


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