It Ain't Easy...Being Queasy

You always see in movies that the first sign of pregnancy is the sudden rush to the Porcelain God. I honestly thought this was just a stereotype and it would never happen to me. Yeah fricken right. I quickly learned that Morning Sickness is real...yes very real...and not always just in the morning. Unless of course "Morning" means 24-hours, then Yes.

Morning Sickness is also very different from those good-ol-college-hangover-days (or post college when you think you can party like you are still in college - when will we ever learn??). For those days, or even a good ol' stomach flu, once you hurl you feel better. You get all the yucky crap out and its time for the greasy foods. But with pregnancy...not so much. That little baby in there rocks your hormones and...well let's face it...just about every aspect of your body. And so that stomach of yours just can't hang.

For me, I used the following ways to help the queaze:

  • Ginger, Ginger, Ginger - Snaps, chews, and ale. I tried it all. My favorites were the ginger chews.
  • Vitamin B6
  • Eat 5-6 small meals during the day
  • Avoid nasty smells (fish, poultry, horrible cologne, and wet dogs.)
  • lots and lots of H2O
  • High protein foods - lovin the peanut butter!
  • Take prenatal vitamins before bed


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