The Long Day is Over

So I think I should end every day with listening to Norah Jones - The Long Day is Over.  It really makes me take that deep breath, relax, and be thankful for my day.  Norah is just so calming.  Her and Otis Redding singing Sittin on the Dock of the Bay.  Just doesn't get any better!! 


  1. I LOVE NORAH are sooo right in that there is something calming about her voice.

  2. Love Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay...that's classic! What's this I hear of Broncos fans booing Tebow during practice? There was a write up in today's paper...better get on it, girl, we just can't have that! :)

  3. I love that tune!

    Stopping by via the Friday Hops to say hello.

    Have a great day!

  4. How is it that I don't think I've heard this song before? It's so calming, I love it!

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday, have a great weekend!

  5. @Xenia - Yes you will definitely have to add this one to your calming playlist. I actually first heard it in American Wedding. I think its when she walks down the isle. They also dance to another one my favorites: Van Morrison - Into the Mystic.

    @Shannon - You are right, we cannot have ANY of that!! I will get on it right away!! ;)

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