GAFT: The God Awful Effing Three's

My boss once told me, "Screw the terrible 2's.  That's nothing.  It is the God-Awful-Fucking-Three's that is the real problem."  I remember laughing at him and recorded the quote in "Shit My Boss Says".  Yet another use for google docs  ;)

The other day I was reminded of my boss's quote. 

This is Mr. T after hysterically crying and throwing tantrums just about ALL FREAKING DAY. 

And YES...that is a PUDDLE OF PEE that he is sitting in.  It totally reminded me of when he smeared shit all over his crib.  I don't know which is worse.  A part of me felt bad that I took the picture, but all ready he says, "that's the day I was BAD."  Yes Mr. T, we all need to remind ourselves to not throw a fit and pee ourselves. 
And so, I officially introduce to you:  GAFT.  The God-Awful-Fucking-Three's.  He's got a seriously case of GAFT and I am just praying that the 4's are easier! 


  1. LOL - you crack me up! Thanks for pioneering and documenting the GAFTs for those of us who are able to embark on that journey... yay. :-\

  2. It does get easier and wait till you have more (maybe??) At least you are trying everything and anything to get through the GAFT's. I cant believe I never thought of anything cool like that to call our crazy C's during those times.

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