Ready to roll...

So here it is...a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Marriage, pregnancy, babies, exercising, football, girlfriends, dogs, drama, family, working moms, beer, reality TV...and just life. At first I thought I would share mostly pregnancy stories, but why not add it all. As I read books and researched online, I felt prepared for the big L&D (Labor & Delivery).

I felt like, people do this all the time and have done this since the beginning of time. (well depending on what you believe here). But either way, tiny teenage girls are having babies every hard can it be?!? Yeah freaking right....from morning sickness to charlie horses to the days that were not talked about after labor, I thought "WTF?" I didn't know it was seriously like this!! There are some that want to be in the dark. Those that say...don't tell me or else I will never have children.

Not me. I want it out on the table. Give it to me straight. Always gotta have a game plan. So here I am...being as honest as I can be. I might have already scared some of my girls from ever procreating, but hey, at least they won't be surprised.

But really...topics will be just anything that is on my mind. And those that know me...know that it can be quite random. I do not by any means consider myself an expert on anything posted on this site. It is merely a way for me to send out my thoughts...and to hop on the new trend of blogging. But thanks for reading!


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