Santa Clause and the Jukebox

After a Bronco loss but a huge Tebow gain, we headed to a local bar with neighbors.  (Clearly Gator Guy was the D.D.)  I thought of this GRAND ol idea to play Christmas music on the juke box and then leave before it played.  Problem....we didn't leave before it played.  

I snuck into the bathroom and tried to remain in my porcelain hide out as long as I could.  But as I sat there, Elvis Presley began to sing here comes Santa Clause and then Andy William belted out It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.   The chatter grew louder outside my protected stall and I  finally decided to to come out to only find everyone in the bar asking me....REALLY??  SERIOUSLY??  Did you seriously just play effing Christmas music??  They totally knew it was me.  I was totally busted. 

I don't think I am allowed back.  And definitely not allowed any more free credits on that jukebox.


  1. That's simply ridiculous. Clearly after a loss, the ONLY thing that can cheer someone up is Christmas (music).

    I can attest as after the Phillies game, my BFF and I both agreed what we needed was a Christmas tree in her house. probably really should have made sure you left!

  2. I would have loved the Christmas music :)

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