Career Wear

Perhaps I am not that hip or confused about what "career" attire is.   Because I was just browsing on Victoria Secret's fabulous clothing site and under the pants category called "Career", they have this:

Seriously????  Who dresses like this?  For any career.  Are you dressing like this??  Do you know someone in your office that is?  Because if so, I want pictures.  I need to see that this really does classify as "Career Wear". 
Now This...I Love, and is exactly what I would call career wear.  I shall add both the top and bottom to my Christmas List.

But Not This.  Never This.


  1. Oh. M. Gee

    That is ridiculous. I bet people do where that to work though. Ugh!

  2. Well, actually, I wore both those outfits to school last week.

    And then promptly got fired. Not just fired, literally kicked to the curb. Foot in hiney style.

    And it's so funny you posted outfits from VS. That's my plan for tomorrow, you know, in honor of the fashion show.

  3. When I worked at a radio station people often wore little better then this. It was exciting sometimes! Haha

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