GO Brrrrrroncos!!

The Chili is slow cooking in crockpot.  The Bailey's is ready for the coffee.  And the cooler  is ready to be filled with beer.  The only problem....tomorrow is going to be really freaking cold!!  But we are damn excited, because this isn't just a game...this is 6 parents getting out to a football game without our three little babies (or toddler).  We are all fortunate enough to have family in town, so it's not like this is our first night out.  But still, this one has been in the making for a while.  And we are all pretty pumped to cheer on those Broncos.  

So what do I lay out to wear on this REALLY FREAKING COLD game???

My best orange bronco shirt because Denver Bronco's on facebook told me to wear orange
Under Armour to keep me warm....I hope
Slightly dorky but still awesome bronco bracelets
Temporary Face Tattoos
Its not just hockey players that are superstitious.  I wear these every Sunday.  TMI, I know.
Under Armour leggings

Jeans over the leggings...Because leggings are not pants!  ;)

And my new favorite hat that I'm sooo pumped to wear.
Gotta support my "I Heart Tebow" (www.titletownts.com)



  2. You are definitely sportin' your team spirit! Love it! Hopefully the Broncos will do better than our beloved Gators...sadly it's just not their season!

  3. You are the cutest. So happy to see you opted for jeans over leggings!

  4. You are adorable, Kat! :)

  5. @E, my hat was slightly different, which I got at one of the colorado shops on 16th street. But I think the one in my post is the same I saw at Dick's sporting goods.

    And thanks girls!! I was pretty pumped...obviously.

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