Spreading the Word

I had so many ideas to make the big announcement...tear jerkers. Ones that would be great to tell our parents and siblings that we were pregnant. I thought of special gifts...like a picture frame that said "Proud Bapa and Grama" just to see that look on their face when they opened it and figured it all out. Instead my big fat mouth just blurted it out.

Many make the big announcement around a family gathering of some sort. I still remember when my cousins stood up at Thanksgiving, held each others hand and said, "We have an announcement to make". We had just made it through the 4th of July (without anyone suspecting that I was drinking non alcoholic beer). And I wasn't going to wait until the next holiday to blurt out the BFP.

But courtesy of nesties from The Bump, I asked around and here are some of the cute ways they spread the word:

  • My parents came over to play games Wii. We set up a new player. They asked"who"? We said "the baby."
  • I took a cameraphone photo of my BFP test and sent it out.
  • I basically just blurted it out when I told people...Being pregnant makes me lazy.
  • We made a slideshow. Started out with me planting a "seed" and every "month" a bit of the BFP test would start peeking out of the flower pot.
  • We special ordered fortune cookies that said "I predict that in 7 months you will be a grandparent!! 
  • We got a t-shirt for our dog that says, "I'm a big brother"
  • We gave my mom a mothers day card that said, "Cost of Mother's Day Card = $2.50. Gas to drive to parents house = $15.00. The look on your face when you realize you will be Grandparents = Priceless
  • I acted like there was a bug in the bathroom... I said, "Honey, I think there's something weird in our bathroom!!!" My husband ran in and saw the BFP test.


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