Dear Broncos,

You complete me.  Seriously.  I might have no voice what-so-ever, but that was only because I screamed my little heart out.  I was the 12th man on the field today. 
Today was GREAT (except for one major missing dearest e.  As Willie Nelson would sing, You were always on our minds.)

But the cold weather...was actually not too shabby.  In fact, my brilliant layering of under armour was so great that I never even needed my jacket.  But that was perhaps also due to the many beers, bailey's & coffee, and a swig of Jack that Vizzle talked me into.  And, the Brats and Chili was definitely nice too!

Did I mention that we were in the VERY last row at Invesco???  And Broncos, you are still totally worth it.
Either way, today was a damntastic time and I patiently await until our names come up as winners on the season ticket list.  Only a few more years to go, right??


ps.....Can I just say that I have been at the game to see Tebow's first touchdown AND  now his frist completed pass touch down.  It's a huge deal.  And I'm still convinced that it was just him and I in that stadium during that magical moment.  As least that is what I keep telling myself. 


  1. looks like you had a blast! I love going to games and going all out! Unfortunately, my team lost this Sunday... but they won the weekend before, when it really counted (I was there so of course they had to win).


  2. That looked fun! I am a new follower. You can visit me at


  3. Thank you for following my blog! It's fantastic to see another super-sports fan!

    Even though I'm a Dallas fan, I can't wait to see more or Tebow in Denver. He's such a great role model and explosive player.

    Look forward to reading more!

  4. Love having the Pro Game to fall back on when the College you follow is on a down year....

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