Emergency Text to Gator Guy

 "Oh dear lord.  I just walked into Mr. T's room to see that he has smeared poop all over his crib."

Its true.  My cute little monster....is well, now a poop monster.  There really isn't too much else to say.  Smeared poop describes it best. 
I'm not sure if this is all related, but this happened after a nap where I showed Mr. T the "Broken Binky".  You know, the one where you cut off the tip of the binky to show that the paci's are broken and need to go Bye Bye.   (Don't worry girls, I think it's still a great idea)  Well, he sure showed me.

Can I at least share my silver lining??? Last night was Night One of Operation Bye Bye Binky.  And it was flawless.  A few tears at the beginning, but nothing we couldn't handle and only for 2 minutes. 

Little did I know that I would be cleaning the little angel's shit for over an hour the next day. 


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    P.S. Sounds like an awfully poopy day! Yuck!

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  2. Oh God! This is a total rite of passage of parenthood but it's so awful when it happens. I hope it was just a coincidence with the binkie pull!

  3. Ugh, yuck! But good for you for breaking the paci habit now! Instead of leaving it for his pre-school teachers. (Hi, I'm talking to you...parents of my students...do you realize how stupid your kid looks walking into school with that thing in their mouth?)

    I found your blog on LBS. It's adorable and so are you!

  4. I'm your newest follower from Follow Us Monday Morning :)

  5. Oh YUCK! Mine have never done that...YET. Hopefully, NEVER...eeewww!

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  6. @ alison - I'm really sad to hear that this might be a rite of passage. Please share if you think of any others!!!

    @Blane - Totally agree and never thought that it is up to the preschool teachers. However, if I could pass off the smeared shit cleaning to them some day, I just might! Totally kidding!!

  7. This can be tough, but when they're ready, they're ready. I posted recently about my oldest (called My favorite decade) and his "super binky". The general idea... take all his binks, attach them to a shower curtain ring and it would be so heavy and cumbersome that he wouldn't want it anymore. As the pictures told... it didn't work.

    Gald to have you following :) Keep up the good work... -J

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