Request for Vibes

Tomorrow my Beautiful Niece goes in for brain surgery.  Such scary words those two....Brain. Surgery.  And it is definitely scary.  She has Chiari Malformation.  You can read more on the MayoClinic website.  But really as I think about everything, I realize how strong she is. 

I had the privilege to go out to dinner with her on Friday.  Our two and a half hours at dinner were filled with some many laughs and stories, that it just makes me so happy to be around her.  I just can't say enough how proud I am of that girl and how she is handling everything. 

So basically, this post is a Request for Vibes.  I am such a strong believer of positive vibes....whether it is prayers, thoughts, or is all so incredibly helpful.  So feel free to send some over to my Dearest Niece. 


  1. A co-worker's wife had surgery for this same thing back in the fall. She is doing well now. But *definitely* scary when "brain" and "surgery" are in the same sentence. Sending prayers and vibes to your niece and to you!

  2. Positive vibes are being sent! And will continue to be. Keep us updated. <3

  3. Thinking all positive thoughts...


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