He finally speaks!!

 "Tell me something about yourself that I might not know."
 "My name is Chris.  And I like Mexican Food."

Awww....Poor Chris N with a slight mullet.  You finally get your air time and you blew it.  Glad though that you could clear it up and let us all know that you are a funny guy because man...my sides were aching from all of your hilariousness.  I've got the perfect set up for you though.  How about Natalie from the Mesnick series?  Because guess what.... she too cracks under pressure and answers questions just like a five year old put on the spot.  

I like Bears. 

I like Mexican food. 

A match made in heaven. 


  1. And I thought my Bachelorette post were good. Nice job. I like both of your blogs. I dont know how you have time for 2. I do see a problem though....Gator Fan! I might have to stop looking at your blogs once football starts. Hook Em' Horns!!

    Thanks for stopping by and looking at my blog.

  2. I was just thinking, I am doing a bloggers fantasy football league this year and need some more people. It is on Yahoo. Email me if you and your husband are interested in playing. Its free and fun and you can pick Tebow as your starting qb and no one will argue. Serene0415@yahoo.com

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