Let's talk about TTC

Let's talk about You and Me. Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things, that may be. (Gotta love me some Salt-n-Pepa) "Trying To Conceive"...or to moms, moms-to-be, or just girlfriends with babies on the brain it is known as TTC. And let's just say that TTC is a big decision. Huge. Its the decision to Pull the Goalie. Hockey fans know that the goalie is pulled at the end of the game to help the team have a higher chance of scoring. Up to this point you have just been having a good time and trying out new plays. (wink wink) But now...its down to business and Pulling the Goalie is the best shot you've got. (And Yes we all know goals can be scored with the goalie present)

So what was your game like just before making the big pull? Did you decide that the last period would be spent traveling to Europe? Did you decide that you should manage the game of having a dog, carrying plastic bags on walks, and forever vacuuming up hair before you Pulled the Goalie? Did you decide to buy the house with that extra bedroom you will use for your "guests", even though all along you know it will be the baby's room because let's be honest...the only "guests" you have are your drunk friends that can't drive home after a night of beer pong.

For us, it was the house, guest room, dog, and running a marathon. I don't know if it is was because I wanted that last challenge to see if I could do it, wanted to know what it would be like to put myself through 26.2 miles of pain, or if I was secretly getting my body in the best shape ever before gaining the 50 plus pounds for the babe. Either way, it was something I needed to cross of my list. You play The Game of the first few years of your marriage, and then move to the finals with the big boys!

All the good things
Now do we really need to go into the details about all the good things? I'm pretty sure any guy can tell you about that. I think even my dearest hubby mentioned to one of our friends that he really enjoyed "practicing". So its pretty obvious what makes the pro list here.

The bad things
First of all, us girls were trained to pray for that monthly reminder each month and now you are praying for it NOT to come. Quite the change I must say. And I'm not going to lie...even if you just Pulled the Goalie, but are not in Full Force Operation TTC, you still get a little bummed when you first feel cramps, bloating, and headaches that any other time would have annoyed the hell out of you. And when it continues month after month during Full Force Operation TTC...you start to feel sad and then you start to feel like a failure. A failure of a woman. For us, it wasn't as long as some couples I know, but when you are in Full Force Operation TTC it consumes your every day thought. Even Ryan started to think that maybe his swimmers weren't swimmers at all and still learning the Chicken-bird-soldier. It messes with your mind.

My advice (given to me by my sister-in-law)...get an ovulation kit, or use another method to test for the best possible time. That way it takes the guessing game out of the way. Yes "trying" can be fun. But it can also feel like a job, especially month after month. And even though some swear by just trying it out every day or every other day, I say, "You Crazy Girl". I like to be in control, know what is going on, and the kit tells me when I'm ready.

Some of you may read this and think, what the heck are you talking about. You may have not even officially decided to Pull the Goalie and your scoring was successful. Or, like one of my GFs, you might have Pulled the Goalie, scored, and won the game all in just a couple of weeks. But just know that it can be very stressful and can wear on you. So warn your husbands that this is really the start of all the hormonal craziness. Even though the actual pregnancy hormones are not raging yet (oh just you wait), just having the "babies-on-the-brain" hormone is a big enough trigger for us women to get a little crazy. But trust me, winning that trophy at the end is all worth it, even if it means it is a trophy of poopy diapers and sleepless nights....is it soooo worth it.


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