Why Hello Timmy & Your Ginormous Biceps

Let me take a moment to compose myself and calm down the blushing and racing heartbeat.  Yes, my Dearest K just sent me this pic of Tebow and boy did that make my day!  (Deep Breath) 

However, I am a little sad that I did not get an invite to play this round with him.  I mean....is he not getting the point that I am his soon-to-be-BFF???  A friend of mine said on FB she was shocked that I haven't sent him connecting BFF necklaces.  I think this will be my next move.

Goodness...not that necklace.  This one.  Only as long as I get to be Be Fri.  Totally better than St Ends.


  1. Don't mean to be a killjoy, but I think that pic is a fake....


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