Is Your Love in the Wild??

Because mine sure is.  Well, that is actually between Gator Guy and I.  But I will admit that I added yet another guilty pleasure to the list.  Love In the Wild.  Its terrible in fact.  It like the Bachelor Pad thrown into Survivor.  However, thanks to that dead summer TV listing, this one makes the agenda.  

Anyone else fallen guilty to the Wild??


  1. how have I missed this? What station? I need to watch.

  2. uh oh, I might just need to add this to my hulu queue!

  3. I such a damn woman. Tracy and I are watching this trainwreck stupid ass show. It has like 2 hot chicks and the only other thing I got out of this is that Steele is a cool name. thats all. Let me get my bra back on now

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