The ESPYs - And Damn did I look good in that Red Dress!

Last night was the ESPYs.  (FYI, the ESPYs are like the Oscars, but for sports.)  And it looks like everyone got their invitation to the shin dig.  I mean seriously....How good did I look in the red dress next to my Timmy.  We make quite the couple...don't ya think??    ;)

 And check out all the others that made it to the red carpet looking all fabulous!  Quite the event!


Great show...but more than anything, we MUST talk about Serena.  Seriously what was she wearing?  And is that seriously her Boo-tay??  Talk about Baby Got Back.


  1. I really hope Brian Wilson recieves an award for that outfit.

    And seriously? That couldn't have been Serena's tooshie. She had a pillow in there, right?

  2. I'm sad I missed the Espy's this year - hoping to find it online somewhere and wow, that is some outfit on Serena?!

  3. UMMM. Are you a butt girl?

  4. OMG look at that butt! Are you sure thats not fake? I think its a little too much!
    very cute blog :)

    New follower <3

    Lots of love,

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